You’re not my archetype.


Mrs. Schloegl’s English students are reading 1984, and taking the opportunity to study archetypes.  One group of students in her class illustrated an example of the concept you see below.  Sophomore Sereena Jallad states, “The purpose of this assignment was to learn what an archetype is, how an archetype can be expressed, and the different kinds of archetypes.  This ties in with 1984 because there are several archetypes found in the characters and the government in the book.”


Can you find the rhythm?


Ms. Nelson’s freshmen scientists spent time this week and last building a mathematical model for their pendulum data, including a graph and equation using Google Sheets.  Students were asked to find the beat/tempo of their favorite song using a metronome and calculate how long the pendulum should be to match the beat using their model. They then set up their pendulum, turned on the song to see if they were right.

The overall point of the lab was to learn scientific thinking, good technique, control of variables, and mathematical modeling, with extension to real life.  Way to go ScientifiCats!

Positive leadership matters…


Juniors in the Northview Leadership Academy invested time this week discussing habits that positive leaders maintain.  This discussion, led by Mr. Creech, was a follow up to the Junior Retreat held in August.  

Seniors followed up their own summer retreat with a public speaking exercise, as they articulated their visions for the 2017-18 school year as senior leaders in our learning community. 

Any students who wish to the join the Leadership Academy can come to the Main Office to learn how to sign up.

Let’s focus on the journey…


The Northview Yearbook staff spent time this morning discussing the theme they chose for the Wyandotte this year: travel.  They hope to tell the story of the 2017-18 school year in a way that emphasizes the journey, both literally and figuratively.  Below, Captain Due is reviewing “next steps” with the staff.