Yeah, but what’s my grade?


Learning for the sake of learning?  What is this crazy talk?  Several Northview teachers have evolved to using a grading system that centers on mastery as opposed to a point system.  Students demonstrate mastery of key concepts as opposed to accruing points.  Mrs. Jensen passed back quizzes today in her College Prep Math class, and students were given comments as feedback like the one you see below.  Students whose paper said ‘not yet’ know they have work to do.  



(Note: This is not deja vu…both Northview teams won NLLs today)

The LadyKats Golf Team, led by Lexi Knight’s 81 and Nina Kilcorse’s 90, won the NLL Championship this afternoon.  Also scoring for the Kats were Katie Woodbury (92), Kiki Confer (93), Megan Miller (100), and Sarah Carson (110).  Lexi and Nina made 1st Team All NLL, Katie made the 2nd Team, and Kiki was named to the 3rd Team.  Congratulations to these young women and Coaches Fox and Eckhart!


…and after, per LadyKat tradition, everyone jumped in one of the water hazards on the course.




The Northview Boys Golf Team won the NLL title today. Seniors Jack Kunkel (71), Andy Riggs (73), Mark Spieldenner (77) led the way at Eagle’s Landing. Also scoring for the Cats were Sophomore Adam Czerniakowski (82), and Juniors Jacob Geis and Connor McCann (87s). The team has now won three out of the last four league championships.  

Jack Kunkel was named the NLL Player of the Year. A big congratulations to these young men and their Coach Mike Czerniakowski! #GoCats 

XC-ats finish 2nd, 3rd at Sullwold Race


The Northview Boys and Girls XC Teams finished 3rd and 2nd, respectively, this weekend at the Chet Sullwold Race at Ottawa Park in Toledo.  These Cats are training hard all week, and then racing on Saturdays, preparing for consecutive Saturday runs for the NLL, District, Regional, and State Championship Meets.  We wish them good health and good luck!  Do your best and we will be as proud as can be. 

Thanks to our parents and coaches for the photos. 

Solid detective work going on in Forensics…


Forensics students are learning how to develop latent fingerprints, those invisible prints left behind by the sweat and oils in our skin. They learned methods suitable for developing these prints on porous surfaces, like paper, by using Ninhydrin (a chemical that reacts with amino acids), Silver Nitrate (which reacts with salt in the sweat), and Iodine fuming (which reacts with fatty oils). For developing prints on nonporous surfaces, such as glass or duct tape, students used magnetic powder dusting, superglue fuming, and gentian violet (which stains skin cells on the sticky side of the tape).

Each student had the opportunity to test each technique with their own prints, gaining valuable “field experience.” They learned how tricky some of the techniques can be, but were amazed at the results!Gentian violet (1)iodine fuming (2)ninhydrin (1)powder dusting (3)Silver nitrate (1)superglue fuming (2)

Summer adventures…


Several Northview students had unique opportunities this summer.

Adam Murphy, who is an All State and All National musician, was invited to the  Interlochen Center for the Arts to camp with the very best high school musicians in the country.

Here, you can see Adam and his contemporaries playing at Interlochen…

Senior Lucy Creech was invited to the Ohio State University to engage in advanced business studies.

Also, Junior Sara Lewandowski was selected as one of the top 40 vocalists in the nation to participate in this year’s Songbook Academy in Carmel, Indiana in July.

The Songbook Academy® is a summer music intensive for young singers who have an interest in the American Songbook. Students who love the music of classic Broadway shows, jazz, and popular music have the life-changing opportunity to work with music industry pros, award winning singers and performers, and educators from the top University music and theatre programs in the country.

The Songbook Academy is a celebration of the Golden Age of American Popular music. This program is the only high school intensive in the U.S. dedicated solely to the music from Broadway, Hollywood musicals and the Tin Pan Alley era of the early to mid-twentieth century (1920s – 1960s).

Founded by five-time Grammy nominee Michael Feinstein and now in its eighth year, the Great American Songbook Foundation’s annual Songbook Academy® is the only high school intensive in the United States focused on the timeless pop, jazz, Broadway and Hollywood standards that have come to be known at the Great American Songbook.



Senior Elizabeth Atkins, who was selected for the All National Ensemble, spent 9 days in Lincoln, NE at the International Thespian festival.  While there, she served as one of four State Thespian Officers from Ohio and was chosen to compete in the National Individual Event competition for a solo Musical Theatre song.  At the festival, she attended leadership classes as part of her STO duties.  She is prepared to teach classes at the Ohio Thespian workshops.  Elizabeth returned for a week and was off to Oklahoma City where she was selected to attend a Musical Theatre Intensive at the University.  She spent almost a month working 12+ hour days taking classes on all aspect of musical theatre and was part of the OKCU cast of Urinetown.