Northview students spread love this Valentine season through the warmth of dozens of fleece blankets for local children’s hospital


Northview students emptied their piggy banks, pooled their money together, raised enough to buy the material, and made almost 70 fleece blankets today, which will be donated to the Toledo Children’s Hospital for Valentine’s Day.

Students attached a special message for each recipient to accompany each blanket…

A big thank you to Senior Brooke Robbins, who brought this idea to the Homeroom Committee after her stay at the Toledo Children’s Hospital, where she received a blanket herself through the Fleece and Thank You program. Today, Brooke is cancer free and paying forward the love she received from our community.

9 Speech and Debaters headed to States, which will be a short trip


Sylvania Northview and Southview have the honor of hosting the Speech & Debate State Championships this coming March.  From Northview, five more competitors qualified for the state finals this weekend.  Cecile Schreidah earned her spot in Dramatic Interpretation.  Dakota Cecil earned his place in Program of Oral Interpretation.  Finally, all three of our Lincoln-Douglas Debaters: Kiran Kodali, Jeremiah Luke, and Maiya Black fought their way to the top.  These five join our four congress debaters who have already earned the right to compete at this year’s state finals: Madison Brixey, Christina Regan, Meghan Hanley, and Ryan Bown.  Congratulations Cats!IMG_8733

In and around the classrooms this week…


Mr. Eckhart’s Honors Pre-Calculus students were given real life scenarios, graphs, tables, and functions on cards that they had to sort through and match up together.  He expects his students to understand more than how to plug numbers into a formula; he is pushing them to understand the concepts on a deeper level.

Ms. Comparato’s Algebra II students started class this week with an ACT question.  She sent the question to the students through Google Classroom, and was able to quickly analyze the results.  With the ACT right around the corner for these juniors, the preparation is practical.

Ms. Huey’s Creative Writing students worked on their own belief statements after listening to several This I Believe essays, including this one about why we should be cool to the pizza dude.



Teachers teaching teachers…Northview’s School Improvement Committee works to share best practices among faculty members in many ways.  One of those ways is the Grab – N – Go professional development buckets, where teachers can pick up a ready made activity for class to use to figure out if students are understanding what is being taught in class.  Mrs. Jude picked up an activity that she used with her junior Cosmetology students during a color formulation class.  The materials allowed her to measure at the end of the lesson whether or not students understood what she taught and are ready to move on to the next lesson.  According to Mrs. Jude, “Obviously, according to this awesome formative assessment, I need to slow down and instruct one more day on color formulations.  8 students GOT IT.  12 students ALMOST.  0 NOT YET.”  Efforts like this one, both with teachers helping colleagues grow, and also witnessing teachers listen to their students to better understand how to reach them, will make a Principal smile. 🙂