Bits and pieces from Silica Drive (and beyond)…


It has been a few weeks since we have provided an update.  Here are a few updates on what our Wildcats have been up to lately…

The Northview Baseball Team traveled to Florida for Spring Break, and won a few games down south.  They returned to Ohio, and are in the hunt for the NLL top spot, defeating Perrysburg and Anthony Wayne, before dropping a close one with the Cougars that came down to the final at bats.

Our Choir and many Orchestra musicians traveled to New York City for Spring Break, performing and taking in the sights and music related stops.

Our Quiz Cats took home the WNWO Academic Challenge Championship this season, capping maybe our strongest showing as a school in Quiz Bowl history.  We are proud of these kids!

The Learning Express was so impressed with the Fleece & Thank You Brooke’s Blankets campaign that owner Gary Fitzpatrick decided to take up a collection at Sylvania Rotary, and matched the hundreds of dollars that Rotarians donated, allowing our students to donate even more toys to the Toledo Children’s Hospital.

Several Northview Wildcats, past and present, were honored at the 56th annual Scholar Athlete Awards Dinner sponsored by the Toledo Wistert Chapter of the National Football Federation.  Former Northview Principal and NLL Commissioner Larry Morrison was given the Distinguished Service Award.  Current Cats Dane Hullibarger and Head Coach Doug Downing were also recognized for their great season on the field and Dane’s work in the classroom off of it.  For the Toledo Blade’s coverage of the event, click here.

The Track and Field season is off to a chilly start, but that has not stopped freshman Emma Steingass and Senior Jenna Kill from burning up the track.  Emma earned a 20 second personal record at the Dublic Classis in Columbus, and Jenna won the 800 meter race.

Science Teacher Eric Keller was recognized by the Sylvania Chamber of Commerce as an outstanding educator for his creative communication skills and ability to connect with students to help them learn.

Speaking of the Sylvania Chamber of Commerce, they wrote a big check to the Northview Band last week, donating the proceeds from the Fall Festival Parade.  These funds will be used to purchase instruments and equipment.  Thank you Chamber members!


Northview Counselor Crystal Burnworth was a finalist for a Jefferson Award for service.  Mrs. Burnworth and her husband have donated countless hours, founding and running the Sylvania STEM Center.  We have hundreds of students in our community accessing learning beyond the books relating to mathematics, science, engineering, and technology thanks to Mrs. Burnworth.  This is a well deserved honor!


Senior Jenna Kill signed her letter of intent last week to continue her education and running career at the Air Force Academy.  She will study Aerospace Engineering in Colorado Springs, before graduating and serving our country.

Senior Paige Beck also signed a scholarship offer last week, committing to the University of Buffalo.  Paige exits the Northview Volleyball Team with over 1,000 digs, leaving a big hole to fill next year.

The Northview Theatre Department wrapped up their spring play last weekend with Exhibit This!  The award winning show featured art exhibits from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City coming to life.  The curtain closing on this funny production Sunday meant several wonderful thespians took their final curtain call.  Rather than be sad because we will miss them, we will be grateful that they were ours for four years.

Dozens of Juniors were inducted into the National Honor Society this week, and dozens of Seniors received their honor cords after a year of giving and leading.  Congratulations to the Juniors, and thank you to the Seniors for being forces for good at Northview this year.


Over 1,400 secondary students interested in health care careers attended the HOSA State Leadership Conference 2018 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center and Tolles Career Center a couple weeks ago.  Students attended general sessions and competed in over fifty-four different competitive events.  Junior and Senior Med Tech Students participated in a variety of competitions.  Northview Juniors Kevin Archambault and Mary Castor placed 3rd in Medical Innovation. These students have earned the privilege of attending National Competition this June in Dallas, Texas.


Northview Alumna Jen Horner returned home to deliver a Leadership Lunch, sharing her journey from Sylvania to being a student athlete at Youngstown State, to law school in Cincinnati.  She shared stories and expressed gratitude for Northview teachers and coaches who pushed her to grow beyond what she thought was possible.  Our Seniors had good questions for her about life after high school.

The Northview Wildcat Lacrosse Teams swept the Southview Cougars in early season action.  Check out the video highlights of the girls game, and a wonderful still photo 🙂 from the boys win below.

Mrs. Schloegl’s AP English students entered the annual Law Day Essay Contest, sponsored by the Toledo Bar Association, and swept the awards.  Bringing home the hardware were

1st: Lauren Norden (right)

2nd: Claire Irwin (left)

3rd: Beha Awwad (center)


A few weeks ago, I mentioned Mr. Eckhart’s students who entered the MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge.  Our team was chosen to advance to the second round, being one of the 185 to advance from the 912 teams that submitted viable solution papers.  Congratulations all!

Ms. Bogue’s AP Environmental Science students celebrated Earth Day by serving the rest of us, distributing trees for planting and cleaning up our local environment.



Ms. McCoy’s sophomores are reading 1984, and took their own turn at altering history in a simulation of gross government oversight.  Similar to what Orwell describes takes place at the Ministry of Truth, Ms. McCoy gave her students real historical articles, and a set of directions of what information they were to change.  Students then went to work re-writing newspaper articles and historical documents.


Ms. Nelson’s AP Seminar students traveled to Mercy College, getting an advanced look at anatomy…


Several members of the Class of 2018 were the honored guests of BP, as they recognized top students in each graduating class around northwest Ohio.  Our representatives learned about the future of energy and heard from an executive from the Toledo Walleye and Mud Hens.

Nora Kaushy Gera presented her science research at the Buckeye Science and Engineering Fair.  If you want to hear more about what she is working on developing, see the videos below.  Wow.


Mrs. Jude and her students had a successful trip to State Board, as we have several new licensed cosmetologists!

Now that the temperatures are finally starting to rise and our athletes stop lounging around…

I am hoping to run into many of you at our spring events.

If you happened to see our earlier tracking of ’16 graduate Katie Cole’s journey with the Notre Dame Women’s Basketball Team this year, you will be interested to know that Katie is now a National Champion.  After two thrilling, last second victories in the Final Four, Katie will be getting a big ring.


Aristotle once asked, “Can you ever have enough cowbell?”  Come find out at the Orchestra Pops Concert this week, as several staff members will join the real musicians on stage for one song.  Mrs. Thiel, usually of sound professional judgement, has decided to allow me to play the cowbell.  It will be worth the price of admission!

Songs For A New World shines at Ohio State Thespian Conference


Novice audiences are often left scooping up their jaws from the floor when they have a chance to see a Northview musical. For those of us who do not come from a theatre background, these shows are absolute treats. It is an entirely different environment to perform in front of an audience made up of fellow thespians, people who know all of the ins and outs of your craft. That is exactly what the cast and crew of our summer musical, Songs For A New World experiences over spring break. This show was adjudicated, and selected to perform at the Ohio State Thespian Conference, among with a handful of the other best shows this year across the state of Ohio. With the pressure of an audience filled with experts, Northview’s Theatre Department put on an outstanding performance at the conference, which took place near Dayton. Northview’s performing arts programs are as good as they come around the state of Ohio, and that is on display on stage with our musicals, as our wonderfully talented and impressively hard working thespians, musicians, and teachers synergize to impress the masses. This past week’s show was no exception. Bravo!

ACT Day for Juniors provides opportunity for growth for rest of student body


With the junior class taking over the school building to take the ACT before spring break, our other three classes took advantage of the time away from the classroom to learn and grow. Our freshmen spent time in the morning learning what to look for when they take college visits. They also conducting research on various data points and characteristics that will help them compare one school to the next. Students shared the information they gathered with parents and counselors, hopefully helping to start early conversations about their dreams and possibilities for the future. They morning seminar was followed by a trip to the University of Toledo to practice what they learned.

Our sophomores took a full length, timed and scored practice ACT. Students are able to pick up their score reports in the Guidance Office, which will tell them where they need to improve before the real test next year. After the practice test, students took part in some college planning activities.

Finally, our seniors were given a menu of options from which to select. Many seniors spent the day shadowing a professional in a career or vocation of interest. Others conducted college visits. The rest of the seniors served our greater community. One project involved painting art work that will be used to decorate the Toledo Children’s Hospital.

Other seniors designed their own service projects, including this one where students covered our school lockers with positive, encouraging messages.

In all, our teachers, counselors, and students did a fantastic job of taking an inconvenience of the building being taken over for testing and turning into an opportunity to encourage growth in areas of need.

Don’t blink. So much has happened at Northview over the past couple weeks.


Mr. Kwiatkowski’s American History students spent time debating whether or not Martin Luther King’s dream has been realized.  Students were organized into teams, conducted research, organized evidence to support their arguments, and then articulated their reasoning.  Worth noting for the adults reading this was one quote overheard during the debate from one side to another when one team captain thought the opposing debater made a good argument, “That’s a good point.  I agree with you.”  Where would we be as a country if the adults learned to listen to each other the way kids do?

Ms. Diehl’s Biology students are conducting their own research, learning about bacteria and super bugs.  Students chose four household cleaners, including hand soaps and bleach, and applied them to bacteria growing in a petri dish.  They repeated the application over a series of weeks, documenting how effective the cleaning agent was at killing the bacteria, noticing that each generation of bacteria became more resistant than the last to the agent’s strength.  They used this as a catalyst to talk about how we have changed what we put in cleaning agents to try and decrease the likelihood that a super bug develops.

Congratulations to the following Business Technology, Financial Management, and Computer Programming students who represented Sylvania at the Business Professionals of America State Leadership Conference in Columbus, March 8 & 9:

Joshua Bader – Fundamental Accounting

Alex Vasquez, Kyle Chesher – Banking & Finance

Noah Larimer, Asher Kripke – Economic Research Individual

Reilly Johnson – Personal Finance Management

Candice Reno – Basic Office Systems & Procedures

Lawrence Maurer – Advanced Office Systems & Procedures

Tyler Kujawa, Jacob Ruehle – Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications

Lauren Norden, Aydan Minor – Advanced Spreadsheet Applications

Bridgette Stirn, Lily Dung – Administrative Support Research Project

Jared McCoy, Charlie Richmond, Joey Okeke – Business Law & Ethics

Gabriel Weston, Maxwell Clausius, Maxwell Fojtik – Java Programming

Zahraa Kashen, Ethan Ward – Entrepreneurship

Riker Thomas, Andrew Riggs – Interview Skills

Mia Momsen, Bailey Rayoum – Advanced Interview Skills

Lila Crowe – Extemporaneous Speech

Joseph Burns – Human Resource Management

Zachary Kalas – Prepared Speech

Jamie Johnson – Presentation Management Individual

Preston Fischer, Kyle Schiel, Nolan Johnson – Financial Analyst Team

Nicholas Holtfreter & Ritik Patel – Economic Research Team

Camden Murphy & William Sykes – Economic Research Team

Grace Burnard, Jessica Degen, Molly Schroder, Connor McCann – Global Marketing Team

Brookelyn Duhamel, Ayah Mansour, Ryan Bules, Andrew Crooks – Global Marketing Team

Donya Esterson & Abigail Honisko – Small Business Management Team

Oscar Fuentes, Colton Powaski, Jeremiah Luke, Paul Thomas – Small Business Management Team

Anne Barchick & Breanna Fangman – Presentation Management Team

Placing in the top ten in the state of Ohio:

Joshua Bader – Fundamental Accounting

Noah Larimer – Economic Research Individual

Asher Kripke – Economic Research Individual

Lauren Norden – Advanced Spreadsheet Applications

Hayley Durbak – Advanced Spreadsheet Applications

Aydan Minor – Advanced Spreadsheet Applications

Bridgette Stirn – Administrative Support Research Project

Lily Dung – Administrative Support Research Project

Jared McCoy – Business Law & Ethics

Gabriel Weston – Java Programming

Maxwell Clausius – Java Programming

Maxwell Fojtik – Java Programming

Zahraa Kashen – Entrepreneurship

Ethan Ward – Entrepreneurship

Riker Thomas – Interview Skills

Andrew Riggs – Interview Skills

Bailey Rayoum – Advanced Interview Skills

Preston Fischer, Kyle Schiel, Nolan Johnson – Financial Analyst Team

Grace Burnard, Jessica Degen, Molly Schroder, Connor McCann – Global Marketing Team

Brookelyn Duhamel, Ayah Mansour, Ryan Bules, Andrew Crooks – Global Marketing Team

Donya Esterson & Abigail Honisko – Small Business Management Team

Anne Barchick & Breanna Fangman – Presentation Management Team

Qualifying for the Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference in Dallas, TX from May 9-13 are:

Aydan Minor – Advanced Spreadsheet Applications, 2nd Place

Lily Dung – Administrative Support Research Project, 3rd Place

Bridgette Stirn – Administrative Support Research Project, 4th Place

Maxwell Fojtik – Java Programming, 1st Place

Gabriel Weston – Java Programming, 3rd Place

Zahraa Kashen – Entrepreneurship, 3rd Place

If you were not counting, we had 55 competitors, 32 Top-Ten contestants, and 5 National Leadership Conference qualifiers!  We have a few virtual event finalists that interviewed this week as well.  Congratulations to all!


How do you earn the top scores possible at the OMEA District Band Contest?

Prepare.  Prepare.  Prepare.

Here you can see Mr. Heath working with his students on site reading, which is a component of the adjudicated event.  Students are given a piece of music to perform in front of judges with virtually no prep time.  Mr. Heath is teaching them to read music and be ready to perform at a moment’s notice.

Our ensembles also held a concert to perform one last time before they saw the judges.  Check out clips of their final preparations here…

A BIG congratulations to Mr. Heath, Ms. Hage, and all of our musicians for personifying excellence at OMEA District Contest!

Speaking of crushing it at OMEA Districts, the Northview Choirs earned a spot at States after earning top ratings as well.  Northview Women’s Chorus and the A Cappela both earned Is.  A special shout out to the A Cappela Choir, who competed in the highest class (difficulty), AA, and still came home with perfect scores!

The Party Pandas are going to Worlds.  Yes, you read that correctly.  One of our FTC Robotics Teams, the Party Pandas, will be competing at Worlds in Detroit April 25-April 28th.  If you have yet to see an FTC Robotics competition, imagine a combination of the television show Battle Bots, danceGOLD, and the Super Bowl.  It is awesome.  Congratulations to Party Pandas team members Avinash Singh (NV), Jared Emerson (NV), Bailey Gillen(SV), Nina Echelmeyer (NV), Emma Johns (NV), Chrissandra Price (SV), and their coaches Mr. and Mrs. Burnworth!


Sylvania Northview and Southview hosted the Ohio State Speech and Debate Championships a couple weekends ago.  2,000 of the very brightest minds in our state gathered to see who was best.  A huge shout out to the Northview and Southview coaches for pulling this off; it was a large undertaking, all while they were coaching our students who qualified.  Special congratulations for Jeremiah Luke for breaking into the Octafinals, and Meghan Hanley and Madison Brixey who qualified for the Congress Quarter-Finals.

The Region 1 National History Day competition took place a couple weeks ago.  A group of Northview students created a variety of history based projects that they then presented to judges at BGSU.  The students created projects about elements of history that interested them, and then they displayed and defended their projects to panels of judges.

Below is a list of the students who competed and their projects.

Category Title Students
Individual Exhibit The “End” of Slavery Nina Echelmeyer
Group Exhibit Reshaping the Balkans Ariba Fatima, Elena Stoycheva
Group Performance The Women’s Educational Equity Act of 1973 Charley Sullins, Taryn Wachowiak
Individual Performance Cesar Chavez: Helping Farm Workers and Consumers…One Grape at a Time Cecile Schreidah
Individual Documentary The Great Emu War Dylan Bush

These students all worked exceptionally hard on their projects and deserve our praise.  Also, Mr. Malcolm is proud to announce that two of our projects impressed the judges enough to move on to the State competition!  Cecile Shreidah’s Individual Performance, and Charley Sullins and Taryn Wachowiak’s Group Performance will be representing Northview at the State National History Competition which takes place at Wesleyan University on April 21st!  Way to go ladies!

What do you typically do with your Sundays?  Mr. Eckhart and a group of five students took on the national Moody Math Challenge, working 14 hours on complex mathematics to author and submit a 20 page paper.  The topic this year centered on food waste in the United States.  David Mulligan, Gabe Weston, Casey Ruckman, Jenna Kill, and Erin O’Donnell are impressive young scholars!  They are now awaiting the results of their submission from the judges.

The annual Superintendent’s Art Show took place this week at Highland Meadow’s Golf Club, giving our artists a platform to display their impressive work.  Congratulations to those chosen to be a part of the show.  We are looking forward to seeing all of our students’ pieces at the Northview Art Show in May.

The danceGOLD beans have been counted, and Senior NHS leaders took a check for nearly $20,000 to The Victory Center this week.

Madame Fischer and several colleagues welcomed guest teachers from several African countries this month.  Here, you can see her French students learning about Rwanda from Jean Marie, our expert from Rwanda.

Thanks to generous donations from the Academic Excellence Foundation, the Classes of 2016 and 2017, and the senior parents of both class, we are getting close to opening our Think Tank, a maker space designed to allow Northview students to create and collaborate on projects, complex problems, and research.  Northview teachers spent time after school last Friday sorting through teacher requests for STEM related equipment requests for the lab space, prioritizing so that we can begin to equip the space for student use.

Our AP Capstone students presented their original academic research this week at the Ohio Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (OJSHS).   Nora Kaushy Gera has had a good couple weeks, placing at both the Northwest Ohio District Science Day, and the Ohio Junior Science and Humanities Symposium.  She presented her research, the “Development of Mathematical Algorithm to Track Dynamic Subcellular Signaling by Computing Intensity-thresholded Fluorescence Compactness”.  Her research involves using MATLAB, which is inexpensive, to solve the same problem that $55,000 laboratory equipment is designed to do.  Nora has been working on this research for some time, working with both Ms. Nelson through AP Capstone, and the University of Toledo’s Dr. Ajith.  She also presented her research in front of an American Chemical Society sponsored symposium at UT.  Nora Kaushy Gera earned perfect scores at the NWDSD at UT, qualifying for OAS States & BSEF in Columbus, and winning the Governors award!  At the Ohio Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (OJSHS), Kaushy finished in the top three of a pool that included some of the very best high school minds from around the state, earning her scholarship money and a chance to move onto Nationals.  Way to go Kaushy!  All of Mrs. Nelson’ s AP Seminar students had a great time learning at the OJSHS and are looking forward to completing some fabulous AP Research Projects next year!

From Madame Liske…and the Oscar goes to…. French IV and AP French! Students enjoyed the end of the quarter by watching “Les Vlogs de l’Algérie” prepared by their classmates. Some lucky students took home Oscars for their performance!  Last week French III students wrapped up our unit with their own representation of something they learned about in French history. C’est magnifique!

We have had two students honored by the Toledo Blade as Students of the Week over the past month or so.  Click here to see Jenna Kill’s Blade profile, and here to see Kayla Thielen’s.  We are very proud of these young ladies for both their academic prowess and their involvement and leadership at Northview beyond the books.


Northview’s Student Council welcomed teachers and staff members to an appreciation breakfast this week, thanking them for all that they do to make Northview a great place to be.

Senior Riley Runnells was honored by the Sylvania Chamber of Commerce as their Student of the Month.  From her work in the performing arts programs, to her leadership demonstrated through the Student Prints and STUCO, Riley has added much value to our learning community.  She does it all with an eternal smile on her face and an all-in, team player attitude.  Congratulations Riley!

Intro to Computer Programming students are problem solving and writing code to make their Finch robots complete challenges and navigate mazes in Mr. Word’s Finch Olympics.

The Northview Science Olympiad Team won their fourth straight Regional Championship this weekend!  They are now on the the State Championships.

Dozens of Northview students spent part of their day Friday at Whiteford Elementary’s enrichment day, teaching them how to make movies, about cosmetology, and taking them through team building exercises and discussing leadership.

Each year, Sylvania Rotary sponsors a speech contest for Northview and Southview students that challenges them to reflect on Rotary’s four-way test to use when considering whether or not to say or do something.  The test focuses on honesty, respect, fairness, and common good.  This year, the speech contest winner that will be headed to the district contest representing all of Sylvania is Northview Freshman Regan Fordham.  Also finishing in the top three, earning cash prizes, were fellow 9th graders Jordan Slutsky and Donovan Elder.  Congratulations Regan, Jordan, and Donovan!

Have any extra socks you can spare?  If so, help out our Junior class with their philanthropy project…

Friday night, the Sylvania Academic Excellence Foundation inducted several alumni into the Hall of Fame, including Gus Mancy, Carol Contrada, and Larry Wilk.  Their stories and tributes to family and teachers were heartwarming and entertaining.  At the same event, Educator of the Year Ryan Creech was honored, as was Senior Ben Bostater, recipient of the Babiak Award for Service.


It is still cold outside, but signs of spring are here.  Teams are forming, holding training sessions, and even early season team dinners.  We wish all of our Wildcats in action this spring the best of luck!

Finally, our summer musical, Songs For A New World, was selected as one of the handful of high school musicals to perform at the State Thespian Conference this coming weekend.  They are running an encore performance to prepare for States tonight at 7:30 in the Performing Arts Center.  This is a talented crew.  Come check out one of the best high school musicals in the state of Ohio tonight!

NV Cheer earns 4th at OASSA State Championships!


They spend most of the year supporting the Wildcat Football and Basketball Teams, leading cheers, painting signs, and much more. Here and there, however, they spend time getting ready for their own competition. The Northview Cheerleaders had their moment in the sun this weekend at the OASSA State Championships in Columbus, and came away with a 4th place finish. #GoCats

Boys Basketball wins Sectional Championship, readies for final showdown with Southview in District Semi-Final


The last one in Sylvania on Thursday evening – please turn out the lights.  The Northview Wildcats will be squaring off one final time with Southview at 6 p.m. at Savage Hall at the University of Toledo for the right to play in the District Championship.  The Cats earned a spot in the District Tournament be defeating Madison High School, who had defeated Perrysburg in the Sectional Semi-Final.  With their latest win, this team has now set the school record for wins in a season.  Prior to the tournament run, the Cats finished off their home campaign with a thrilling comeback victory over Springfield, and were excited to learn that Junior Alek West has been named Co-Player of the Year in the NLL.  Check out pictures and videos of the latest on Northview Boys Basketball below.  Come out and cheer them on on Thursday at 6 p.m. at UT’s Savage Hall! #GoCats

Cats bring home hardware at OATCCC Track Indoor State Championships; Dorian Hooker wins two titles


A few Northview Track & Field athletes are getting a head start this season, participating in the indoor track and field season.  This weekend, the OATCCC held their annual Indoor State Championships, and there is some hardware coming back to Silica Drive.  Senior Dorian Hooker won both the 60m Dash, and the 200m Dash, with times of 6.89 and 21.53 seconds.  Senior Jenna Kill finished 8th in the 800m Run with a time of 2.16.  Freshman Emma Steingass came in 19th in the 3200m Run with a time of 11.44.  We are looking forward to seeing Dorian, Jenna, Emma, and the rest of the Wildcat crew outdoors real soon!  Congratulations everyone!