@NVleaders promote healthy lifestyle choices to 200 elementary students with Amazing Race 


Hey sophomores: find a problem in society and find a way to make it better.  Check.  Our NV sophomores in the Leadership Academy promoted healthy lifestyle choices tonight by hosting 200 fourth and fifth graders from all over Sylvania for their Amazing Race. These elementary students competed in a wide variety of contests, all the while learning to communicate, build positive relationships, and exercise.  Their guests had a blast, and our high school students learned about what it takes to run a big event, and also learned about how to attack problems that we see in our society.  Our sophomores started to plan this event back in January. Their efforts paid off tonight with a great event for a great cause.

2016-17 Class, NHS Election Results Announced…


Congratulations all!


Class Elections Results for 2016-17 

Class of 2019:

President: Patrick Andres

Vice-President: Emily Kasee

Secretary: Grace Nowak

Treasurer: Nipun Jayatissa


Class of 2018:

President: Luke Kilcorse

Vice-President: Madison Brixey

Secretary: Riley Runnells

Treasurer: Karen Pan


Class of 2017:

President: Nabeel Tausif

Vice-President: Matt Bishop

Secretary: Yong-Won Kim

Treasurer: Rosalie D’Onofrio


National Honor Society:

President:  Shane Banachowski

Vice President:  Mia Restivo

Secretary:  Mark Gilliland

Treasurer:  Matt Bishop