Makes you stop and think…


Walking though the Senior exhibits at the annual Northview Art Show always makes you stop and think about life, society, and how many wonderfully talented young people live in our town. This year is no different. Come check out these pieces and hundreds more at the closing reception Wednesday evening. You will walk away impressed and inspired.

Launch a rocket, build a 3D printer (and keep it), or experience all things Harry Potter at a Northview summer Camp Creative


Northview’s annual Camp Creatives will take place this summer, and give students the opportunity to learn how to build and launch a rocket, build their own 3D printer (and, yes, take it home with you), or experience all things Harry Potter.  Check out the attached camp descriptions, and turn in your registration form to the main office by Monday, May 21st.

camp creative registration form 2018.jpg

camp creative registration form 2018