Homerooms allow students to hit the pause button on occasion, get to know classmates


Pictionary challenge was the name of the game in our Homeroom this week, as students challenged students from other Homerooms to see who could draw and guess better.  Classes continue to compile points that will give a head start to one of our classes, looks like the Seniors at this point, on Class Olympics day in May.  
Junior Kylee Moebius had to draw her Pictionary illustration blindfolded. 
Sophomore Jack Kunkle is bewildered because his Homeroomies can’t understand that his drawing is a steering wheel.   

Junior Alaina Mossing encourages her classmates to keep guessing.  

NV Activities for 2/25/16…


Our activities that have been planned for tonight (band concert, girls basketball game, practices) are able to take place.  Beyond those two specific events, listen to your coaches and advisers for final confirmation on whether or not your individual activities are still on for tonight.  Please drive safely!

The ACT prep class opening session that was set to take place after school today will now take place on Monday, February 29th.  The rest of the sessions (starting with Tuesday, March 1st) will stay on the schedule that was advertised.