Wildcat Weekly: 🙏🏻👍🏽👏🏼🦃 Gratitudegiving Edition…


In a week that has us reflecting on all that we ought to be thankful for, we were reminded often of our blessings at Sylvania Northview…

The family time this week, the freedom and peace here at home come at a cost for those who choose to stand in our place on the front lines.  Several of the soldiers who received letters from our students for Veterans Day have started to receive them, and sent their own messages of appreciation on social media…

Form Jacob Disher’s Facebook page:

From Jenna Kill’s Twitter page:

Colleen Reed’s response:

From Kendall Isley, wife of Greg Isley:

Mr. Sayre’s Intro to Marketing students are learning to design a marketing campaign, conducting market research related to muffins, and making plans to bake and sell to targeted demographics.  We are fortunate to have a faculty that believes in authentic, experienced based learning, like Mr. Sayre.

Senior Brookelyn Duhamel was honored by Sylvania firefighters this week for her efforts to design a logo for Station #1.  We are blessed to have talented students who work to develop their gifts, teachers who push them do and be more, and to have a community that is so supportive of our young people.

Our Speech and Debate team competed at Notre Dame Academy last weekend, articulating arguments based on in-depth research.  Our young people are fortunate to have so, so many opportunities beyond the 2:25 bell to continue to invest their time into developing their minds, bodies, skills, and positive habits.

The Northview Baseball Team spent time last Saturday helping to set up for the Girls on the Run race, giving young girls a chance to grow their physical fitness and belief in themselves as future leaders.  We are fortunate to have coaches, teachers, and advisers to challenge our high school students to connect with the broader community and give back.

Last Saturday, our Athletic Boosters hosted their annual reverse raffle, giving parents, staff members, and community supporters a night to enjoy each other’s company.  Ticket sales, live auctions, and silent auctions brought in more than $30,000 to equip and clothe our student-athletes.  The Northview experience is much more than it would be if we did not have parents willing to invest themselves back into their kids’ experiences.

Several of our Orchestra musicians participated in the Northwest Regional Orchestra for the Ohio Music Educators Association.  We are fortunate to have teachers, advisers, and directors like Mrs. Thiel, encouraging our kids to play, present, act, sing, and perform on big stages.

The Northview Marching Band took on the Windy City last weekend, seeing the sights, and marching in the Magnificent Mile Parade in front of a million people.  In addition to the being featured on television in the parade, students had the opportunity to check out the Shedd Aquarium, see a Broadway Show, and tour the Museum of Science & Industry.  We are fortunate to be led by educators, live in a community, and be supported by parents who see value in educational experiences that go well beyond the textbooks and music sheets.

Finally, we will be blessed to be constructing a new home for our student-athletes, come this spring, when we break ground on a new wellness center.  The ProMedica Health, Wellness, and Strength Complex will feature a 5,000 plus square foot weight room upstairs, and a training room, and new locker rooms for volleyball, basketball, and wrestling downstairs.  In addition to providing our students with a facility to match their talent and dedication, we hope to be able to expand community access to our swimming pool and exercise equipment by partnering with the Sylvania Senior Center and other community groups.  On this holiday, we are thankful for community partners, like ProMedica, who are using their platform and resources to give others a lift.  For a clip from the local news on this donation, click here.

Whatever you are grateful for on this holiday, we hope that you have time to express your thankfulness to those responsible for your blessings.  Here at Northview, we are humbled by the students, teachers, staff members, parents, and community partners who help make this an awesome place to be each day.

Happy Thanksgiving, Northview Family.

This week at Sylvania Northview High School…


Monday, our Seniors had an eye opening experience, as teachers, dozens of our parents, and community partners from CCU and Yark Automotive teamed up to facilitate Finances 101.  This program assigned each student an occupation, a family situation, and then sent them through the ups and downs that life brings to the bill payers of each household.  Students tracked their spending, with many being forced to make tough choices regarding wants when the needs burned up all of their cash.  We followed up by sharing a budget spreadsheet with each senior to keep and use in the future that will help them set a budget and track spending.



Mr. Sayre’s business students are learning to build formulas into their spreadsheets to help them calculate large amounts of data.


Ms. Diehl’s Biology students are learning about DNA by cutting, coloring, and categorizing the types of DNA that are compatible.


Mr. Keller challenged his Anatomy students to create a system for categorizing the bones found in a human body.


13abc came to Northview yesterday to report on our Sophomore class service project/fundraiser.  You can see the story here.


Ms. Davis’s Business students participated in mock interviews with local business leaders, and heard honest feedback from people who are in charge of hiring in the real world.


Mr. Kwiatkowski’s American History students are exploring the 1920s.  This week, they discussed life for black Americans in the post-slavery era.


Our counselors are meeting with all of our freshmen in small groups to talk about their transition to high school.  The feedback and opportunity nudge them in the right direction to have been great so far!


Mrs. Morgan’s students spent time this week working on identifying shapes and colors…


Ms. Janecko’s freshman scientists are learning the difference between conduction, convection, and radiation.  They designed containers, based on what they learned, that they believed would retain heat the best.


Northview Speech and Debate had a great weekend, finishing in 5th at the Findlay Tournament.  The Wildcats made ten trips to the podium for individual events, and Cecile Schreidah took a first place win in Original Oratory, beating the 2017 national champion!



If you missed Mamma Mia!, well, you missed it!  The acting, the voices, the dancing, the live music, the set, the special effects…it was magnificent!  Bravo cast, crew, pit, and directors!


The Northview Marching Band is packing up, and gearing up for their trip to Chicago on Friday.  Our musicians will march and perform in the Magnificent Mile Parade on Saturday night.  We wish you safe travels, everyone!

Wildcat Weekly update for 11.7.18


Education in western civilization is centered on the idea that we want our young people to grow to be well-rounded human beings.  To that end, we teach language, the sciences, mathematics, the arts, physical fitness and much more, each and every day at Northview.  In addition to these disciplines, we hope our students leave us with a set of soft skills relating to human interaction and connection.  We want them to be able to listen well, explain their own thoughts, and ultimately be good citizens, willing to use their time and talents for a greater good.  We attempt to teach these things in a variety of ways, but maybe none is more powerful than what took place on our campus on Saturday night: danceGOLD.  For six hours, 400 Northview students stayed on their feet, fulfilling a promise to people who pledged them money to do so.  Students danced, played, and sang their way through the evening, ultimately raising $25,000 for our friends, family, and neighbors battling cancer.  Feeling a sense of pride is a common occurrence when you have the privilege of working with this faculty and these students, and I was beaming on Saturday night thanks to their effort to give and serve.

Thank you to the volunteers and donors who made the event a success…

…and a big tip of the cap to the NHS student-leaders who, under Mrs. Omey’s guidance, planned every detail of this event from start to finish.

Speaking of our students connect with the community, we spent some time last Friday writing letters of appreciation to soldiers and veterans across the globe.  With Veterans Day coming up next week, we had a chance to explain exactly what it is about our lives and daily routines that we appreciate thanks to the sacrifice being made by our volunteers serving in the armed forces.  To the dozens of Northview families who shared their sons’ and daughters’ profiles with us to share with students, thank you.
Mrs. Liske’s students used cardboard virtual reality goggles to take a “field trip” to Switzerland.  With her phone, she was able to guide their trip, pointing out different features that they could instantly see on their screens.
The 2017-’18 Newspaper learned last week that they received a Silver Medalist award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.  To our returning staffers and our alumni who were part of the staff last year, congratulations!
Now that the marching season is over, our musicians break into several different bands and prepare for concert season.  Their work for the December concert is underway…


As a faculty, we set a goals each year after reviewing data from the ACT, Ohio State Tests, and more.  One of our building goals this year focuses on improving writing.  During our last in-service, our English teachers led the rest of our team in exploring a strategy that can be used on all classes to help students write well.
We had a first this past weekend in the world of cheerleading, as the Northern Lakes League hosted the first ever league championships.  We are proud of our cheerleaders and coaches for pushing to provide this opportunity for these squads and hundreds to come in the future.
This past Saturday, our Boys Soccer Team’s historic run came to end, as St. Ignatius earned a spot in the State Final Four.  This group of seniors have made the final eight teams in the state three years in a row, won three District Championships, and multiple league titles.  Their run is unprecedented in Northview history, and we are proud of them as we could be.

Student Council, our cheerleaders, and various members of our senior class collaborate to help organize our student section on Friday nights and beyond each fall.  BCSN has made these efforts across northwest Ohio a big deal with our kids, honoring a school each week and another at the end of the season for their energy, enthusiasm, and school spirit.  Well, on Friday, BCSN awarded our student section their season end award.

We have several new clubs this year that have been initiated by our students, including the Baking Club.  If they share, I may have a disproportional number of updates from this club.  My apologies in advance.
Halloween gave the faculty and staff a chance to show students our human side…


Mamma Mia! will open tomorrow night, and whether you realize it or not, you do not want to miss it.  Click here to get your tickets.

Finally, 2016 Alumna Kathleen Duwve is having a fantastic senior campaign with the BGSU Falcons, earning 1st Team All-MAC honors, and leading her team to a league title.  This past weekend, Kathleen and her Falcon teammates also won the MAC tournament, earning a spot in the NCAA tournament.  Congratulations and good luck Duv!