Senior Erika Chen’s algal blooms study published in the Environmental Research Journal, idea patent pending in China 


By now, you have seen the images of the green Maumee River and connected Lake Erie.  What if there were floating tanks powered by solar panels that sucked in the polluted river and lake water, treated it with UV radiation, cleaning up the algal blooms, and then safely returned the cleaner water to the river or lake?  That is the exact theory that Northview senior Erika Chen set out to test.  And, it worked!  In more technical terms, the purpose of Erika’s research was to quantify the reduction rate of algal concentrations under varying intensities of UV radiation.  Erika’s result is a published academic article in the Environmental Research journal, and she also has a patent pending on her intellectual property in China, where she conducted her testing.  Her hope is that one day, the models she constructed and employed in her study could be used in future treatment systems.  This week, 13abc’s Kristian Brown came in to interview Erika about her work.  The piece will be included in 13abc’s Building Better Schools series soon.


Mark Feldstein to NV students: listen, and you will lead and succeed @FeldsteinAssoc @NVLeaders


Sylvania Schools alumnus and Sylvania resident Mark Feldstein met with members of the Northview Leadership Academy last week, and shared stories centered on his work as an inventor, entrepreneur, and his beliefs about leadership.  As an inventor and product developer, Mark has developed and patented several products that have been sold on QVC and at retailers by listening to what consumers want.  That formula has also helped him find success as the leader of his company.  He told those in attendance for his Leadership Lunch that he never wants to tell an employee they are wrong.  Do that, he warned, and people will be afraid to share thoughts and ideas in the future.  Mark told our students that he often sits back and listens to everyone else’s thoughts before he speaks, making sure that all ideas are on the table before they decide what to do as a team.  He also mentioned that giving employees the space to do their jobs, and not micromanaging them, is another key practice in his company.  He expects excellent work, but he believes in hiring talented people and then giving them the space to figure out how to get the job done in the best way possible.  You may have seen one of Mark’s original inventions, the original singing bird clock, which you can see below, at local retailer or online.  Mark has used his unique approach to leadership and business, one centered on listening to those around him, to build a successful company.  Students shared after the lunch that they appreciated learning that a more laid back approach to leadership can be successful.  A big thank you to Mark Feldstein for sharing his journey and beliefs with our emerging leaders!

Join me on this Odyssey…


Mrs. Rauscher’s freshmen English students learned this week that, in order to be considered an educated person in Ancient Greece, one had to have read the Odyssey.  These young scholars progressed on their own great journey of experiencing the Odyssey this week by working collaboratively to present what they read in various chapters of the book.

Can’t get these days back…


Everyone, everyone says that time flies. Yet, it still seems like a shock that this group of young people is taking its curtain call on the soccer field.  Eleven special young ladies were honored tonight for Senior Night at Cats Stadium.  Congrats Kats on your win over Maumee!



This marks the second season in a row that the LadyKats Volleyball Team has had to deal with significant injuries to key players.  When these things happen, you can fold or figure it out.  These Kats have shifted to a different style and strategy, and are scrambling to scratch out wins, like last night’s 3-2 victory over BG.  The first video below illustrates their “don’t let the ball hit the ground” mentality.  The final clip is match point against Southview, where the girls also found a way to win, even though they are down two all-league caliber hitters.  In the win over the Cougars, Seniors Aly O’Lenic and Paige Beck recorded their 2,000th career assist and 1000th career dig, respectively. 


@Syl_STEM Center pays it forward today…


The Sylvania STEM Center helped host STEM in the Park today at BGSU.  Area kids, including my son Grady, seen below just before breaking something, probably, got an up close look at team Next Nova’s robotics.  Grady was able to use an iPad to control a robot using a system designed and created by our high school students.  We are proud of our First Robotics teams for infusing their love for all things STEM into the next generation!

PS. Also seen at STEM in the Park, with the BGSU Women’s Basketball Team, which was there welcoming the participants, was NV Alumna Maddie Cole. 

Ignore the scoreboard 


Wins, trophies, and awards are nice.  The best return when the final second ticks away, or when final curtain is drawn, is realizing that when you pour in everything you have, anything is possible.  Better than the result last night was watching a senior class, many of them playing both ways, limp their way off the field, looking for family and friends through tears of joy and exhaustion, knowing that they had truly given more of themselves than they previously knew was possible.  We can learn from what we saw last night.  From our studies to activities beyond the books, going all in doesn’t always show up on the grade card or scoreboard, but it does give you a chance to do something special, and most assuredly help you learn that we are capable of so much.