4.10.19 Wildcat Weekly


Mrs. Ireland’s forensic science students have been studying DNA, culminating in creating a DNA fingerprint using RFLP (restriction fragment length polymorphism). Essentially, students “digested” (cut up) the DNA using two restriction enzymes (EcoRI and Pst I) that result in different numbers and sizes of fragments from person to person, and then sorted those fragments by size using electricity (the positive anode of the gel electrophoresis chamber attracts the negatively charged DNA pieces). The DNA was then soaked in stain to make the fragments visible – those are the darker blue bands seen toward the middle/bottom of the gel. They then compared the DNA profiles of 5 suspects against that of DNA of unknown origin recovered from a crime scene to determine which (if any) was the contributor of the crime scene DNA sample. Students gained an appreciation for the delicacy of the process, as well as the difficulty in clearly interpreting the results!

Notable cases involving DNA analysis examined in this unit were the O.J. Simpson case and the Romanovs (determined whether or not skeletal remains found in Siberia belonged to the former royal family – and, if so, whether or not there is any veracity to the rumor that Princess Anastasia escaped the firing squad alive!).


Outside of the classroom, spring activities are in full swing.  The Track & Field Teams were in action over the weekend at the Lima Spartan Invitational.  The boys took 2nd place and girls won the invitational championship.  Way to go Cats!



The Northview Tennis Team also had a nice weekend, earning a 2nd place finish at the Ottawa Hills Invitational.  Anish, Dom, Camren, Grant and Gavin making the finals.  Alek and Ryan 3rd place finish.  Way to go Cats!


State Representative Theresa Gavarone visited with our FIRST Robotics teams at the Sylvania STEM Center this week.  She came away very impressed with our students, the magnitude of what they are working on, and the STEM Center itself.


Our spring play lit up the stage this weekend.  Radium Girls told the true story of the grave dangers that workers faced in factories roughly 100 years ago when they handled radium at the direction of management.  Both the tale and the portrayal by our young thespians were stark and powerful.  Kudos, Cast and Crew!


Northview’s Student Council served our broader community last Friday in a variety of ways as part of their first ever Day of Caring.  Students volunteered at Camp Miakonda, the Ronald McDonald House, Sunshine Children’s Home, and Kingston Care Center of Sylvania.


Can meditation and mindfulness make a difference in the choices young people make? Can it keep kids from returning to detention hall?  We don’t know, but we are giving something new a try.  A big thank you to Cassandra Muir for donating her time and expertise to help us found Yoga Detention as an alternative to traditional after-school detention hall.  Each Wednesday, Mrs. Muir offers our students a session that helps them grow mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Many of our young people are choosing to forgo the standard discipline in favor of a chance to improve themselves.


Arbor Hills invited several former Road Runners to return home this week for the purpose of sharing advice with future Wildcats on success during their high school careers.


In our staff meetings this year, we have taken a few minutes to honor the artistic side of the teaching profession with TEACHERTalks, borrowing from the popular TED Talks concept.  Today, Mr. Roth shared his philosophy on encouraging students to grow by pushing them to think for themselves.



Senior Jayden Bolden was honored at the BCAN Celebration of the Arts this week as one of the BCSN Students of the Month, along with some of the other top scholars from our region.  We are proud of this young man!


Finally, here are a couple notes on upcoming events…