Math class: all fun and games


Mr. Silm’s Algebra II students played games this week.  Quizzizz provided a platform for Mr. Silm to group students into teams and engage in competition to see who has mastered their current content the best.  The website allowed Mr. Silm to quickly analyze student understanding.  In the olden days, kids loved review games just before test time.  Today, technology is allowing teachers to not only facilitate engaging activities centered on key concepts to help students prepare for an assessment, but also to collect and analyze student readiness for those big tests.

How did Bernie lose? What did Trump mean by rigged election process? American Government students get into the details of primary systems in the U.S.


Mr. Czerniakowski’s American Government students participated in simulated open and closed primaries in class this week, getting a first hand look at the differences between two of the many systems our states use to select a candidate for President of the United States.  Students learned about the history of selecting candidates and voting in the United States, including places and times when owning land or property was a prerequisite for casting a ballot.  They discussed superdelegates, caucuses, and why complaints against a rigged system by political party outsiders like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have spurred a movement towards making primaries more transparent and open.

Ms. Gunther’s American History Students welcome @USNavy Veteran to share his journey from the high seas


Ms. Gunther’s American History students welcomed a special guest last week, Mr. Roger Grant, a United States Navy Veteran.  Mr. Grant, who happens to also be Ms. Gunther’s grandfather, served in the late 1950s and early 1960s.  Students were treated to pictures, stories, and memorabilia from his journeys and adventures in the Navy.  Sylvania Northview wants to thank Mr. Grant for taking time to share his story with our young people!

@ToledoWalleye ‘s @AldenHirschfeld returns home, shares message of perseverance with @NVLeaders


Be yourself.  Being a champion involves making solid decisions.  It matters who you listen to and who you trust.  Northview Alumnus Alden Hirschfeld returned home today to share practical advice like this with our Leadership Academy members.  He did not stop there.  He went on to share with them another message, one of hope, as he talked about his lifelong dream to play for the Detroit Red Wings, and the adversity he has confronted…

After sharing his challenges with seizures, a knee injury, and the related surgeries, Alden told our students it is important to stay positive; when teammates, family members, co-workers see you continue to push and work hard when you are dealing with the tough times, that keeps the team together and headed in a positive direction.  He told them, you control your work ethic and decision making.  When times are hard, you have to decide how much are you willing to sacrifice to reach your goals.  Alden shared that he has looked at his hockey teams like they are family, be it a Northview State Runner-Up squad, where he was named Mr. Hockey for the state of Ohio, Miami University, where he captained a CCHA Championship Team, or now the Toledo Walleye.  He often asks himself, what can I do to make us better as a team?

One of Alden’s coaches said, “Great husband. Great father.  In the game of life, Alden Hirschfeld is going to be a huge success.”  After getting some insight into how Alden’s heart and mind work, we could not agree more.

Thank you for your time, candor, and wisdom Alden.

We wish you all the best.  Keep fighting.


The Northview Family

Several Northview Wrestlers advance to Districts; Freshman Conner Liber finishes 2-2 at District Tournament


The Sectional Wrestling Championships took place last weekend at Clay High School, and the following grapplers earned spots on the podium, and the chance to compete at the District Championships this weekend:

  • 3rd Place – Conner Liber
  • 5th Place – Hussein Hawamdeh
  • 6th Place – Collin Ghesquiere

Conner went on to finish 2-2 at the District Championships this weekend, capping off an impressive freshman campaign.  Way to go Cats!