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Mr. Roth’s Honors Chemistry students were given a set of incomplete lab directions this week, and told to figure it out the missing direction steps. Here, you can see them trying to figure out how to measure the mass of the carbon dioxide released from an Alka Seltzer tablet. Talk to Northview alumni, and they swear by Mr. Roth’s teaching abilities. His emphasis on the ability to think independently and critically are big reasons why.

All these kids know how to do is text!


Mrs. Donnelly’s freshmen Health students invested time today learning about effective communication skills. She started with survey results from the students measuring their perception of themselves as effective communicators. She then compared that data to their responses about specific communication skills, such as active listening, making eye contact, positive body language, and asking clarifying questions. As a follow up activity, students paired off, sat back to back, and tested their skills. One student described a pattern of shapes, while the other student tried to recreate the pattern based solely on the description. Students quickly gained a better understanding of their ability to communicate clearly through the spoken word.

Bits and pieces of life at Sylvania Northview (and way beyond) this week…


From the science wing, Mr. Engel’s students are learning to calculate distance, among other things.  They set up camp in the halls, charting a course from his classroom to points all over the building.

Ms. Diehl’s students worked to crack a crime scene using the DNA of suspects.

Our brand new Mock Trial competed at the district tournament, and defeated Maumee Valley Country Day.  Congratulations to Joey Okeke and Michael Cannon for winning Star Witness Awards.  Thank you to Mrs. Rauscher and Mr. Schlageter for helping Max found the team, and wonderful new opportunity for Northview students interested in law!

Congratulations to Osama Khrawesh, Zoe Scott, Eve Gross, Tristan Bonde, Helen Saggese, Carley Lyons, Ian Weil, Ryan Sanderson, and Camryn Pillar who all performed this weekend at the first ever Lourdes University Honor Band concert.

A couple weeks ago, Angel Simon, Northview Senior Med Tech student was working at her job as a server at Bob Evans when she noticed a large family of seven come in for dinner.  Angel, alert on the job and as a first responder, noted that one of the women in the group needed extra help, so she kept an eye on her.  In the midst of her hectic shift, she heard some commotion by their table, and looked over to see the lady choking.  She saw family members frantically trying to remove the choking material.  Angel noticed that they were doing it incorrectly.  So, she went over and identified herself as a first responder, and asked if she could help.  Immediately, she said, the family stood back and let her attend to the woman.  Angel got behind her, encircled her arms around the woman’s waist above her navel ,and performed abdominal thrusts (the Heimlich Maneuver).  After three abdominal thrusts, the food dislodged from her throat and the woman stopped choking.  Her airway immediately improved and she returned to normal breathing and talking.  Angel saved her life.  Angel stated that was a “very big moment for her and everything went by in a blink of an eye.” She also said, “It’s crazy to me how things can change so quick, and how one thing can change your perspective on life.”  Angel  expressed gratitude in learning “life skills” in her Med Tech class.

Mr. Christy’s AP Statistics students explored margin of error and tools used by pollsters to determine unknowns such as consumer and voter behavior.  The lesson involved flipping coins to obtain a sample size, and then working through the advanced mathematics to figure out what pollsters do to make predictions.

Mr. Heath and Mr. Reed served as guest filet-ers in Mrs. Ireland’s Zoology class this week.  Students learned how to scale, skin, and filet Arctic Char and Red Snapper. Then, Mrs. Ireland brushed off her cooking skills to show them various preparations for a healthy, easy, fast meal!  It was a big hit with the kids – several of whom came back for seconds (and thirds, and fourths…).  This lesson connected their study of fishes to the Great Lakes and local resources we are fortunate to have.

Mr. Heath filletMrs. Ireland fillet2

Northview’s Science Olympiad Team traveled to the University of Chicago last weekend to compete in a tournament there.  The SciOlympians finished 5th out of nearly 40 that included two teams in the top ten int he country.  Along the way, the students were treated to a tour of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, where they had the opportunity to talk to a scientist on staff.

Our Boys Basketball Team went down to the wire at Perrysburg on Friday night, losing in the final minute…

…but they bounced back, defeating Bedford on the road on Saturday night.

The Swim & Dive Team used their platform to raise money and awareness to fight cancer.  Many swimmers and fans donated in honors of friends and family members who have battled cancer over the years.

On the back of these giants…three Seniors who have seen the resurgence of our Wrestling program were honored on Senior Night.  A special thank you to Reece, Hussein, and Tyler.

Speaking of soon to be alumni, Estar Cohen, 2011 Northview graduate, has been named a winner of the Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composers Awards by the ASCAP Foundation for her piece “Endings.” She is now a writer and musician.  Here are the details on her award, and a video of her performing the song.  Congratulations Estar!


Project Unify: Big stage. Big fun. Big goal.


Northview teacher Ms. Jessie Minard and her U.S. Government students planned and hosted another Project Unify basketball game last night in between the big boys and girls varsity basketball games.  This program, in its second year, aims to bring students who do and do not live with disabilities together to participate in athletics.  On our biggest stage last night, this service learning project facilitated a game, some fun, and life lessons learned for the participants and witnesses.  You can see highlights of the game, covered live in BCSN, here:

You can see the entire game here, including in-game commentary from Ms. Minard, and the halftime show, complete with a Project Unify cheer routine.

A big thank you to the participants, coaches, Ms. Minard, and Mr. Irwin for making it happen.