Forensic Science students weigh eyewitness testimony against physical evidence


Mrs. Ireland’s Forensics students learned about the credibility of eyewitness testimony last week.  One student from each group stepped into the hall while their remaining lab group members were shown a picture for 15 seconds.  The person that didn’t see the picture had to ask questions of their eyewitnesses to reconstruct the scene, and they compared all groups’ reconstructions for discrepancies. Students were also asked questions about what they saw the following day.

They followed up with a Ted Talk video from Scott Fraser, a forensic neuropathologist, that studies how the brain works and how that knowledge can be applied to eyewitness testimony analysis.

The bottom line – they learned physical evidence is more reliable than eyewitness testimony!


Two birds, one assignment…


Ms. Davis’s Business Technology seniors are learning some of the finer points of using spreadsheets, and researching colleges and universities along the way.  Students researched dozens of important data points for institutions of higher learning to which they are considering applying this fall.  

Defend your answer.


Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Barber challenged their freshmen today to not just answer, but to explain how they came to their conclusion.  The process is of equal value to the solution. 

NV Volleyball defeats AW, Boys Soccer ties PBurg


The LadyKats defeated the AW Generals tonight at home to open NLL play.  Our girls played well as a team, passing, setting, and swinging with efficiency. 

Amid the rain and fog, the Boys Soccer Team tied Perrysburg 0-0 at home tonight. The Wildcats had a few chances late to knock one into the net, but the Jackets’ defense held up.  Next up is St. Francis at home on Thursday. 


Weekly update from the halls of Northview, and beyond…


Congratulations to our students who have earned AP Scholar Awards in recognition of their exceptional achievement on AP Exams.  The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program® (AP®) provides willing and academically prepared students with the opportunity to take rigorous college-level courses while still in high school, and to earn college credit, advanced placement, or both for successful performance on the AP Exams.  The College Board recognizes several levels of achievement based on students’ performance on AP Exams.

National AP Scholar Award: Mark Gilliland

AP Scholar with Distinction Award: Samuel Avina, Matt Bishop, Erika Chen, Margaret Eding, Mark Gilliland, Caitlyn Hoffman, Ram Kodali, Tyler McClain, Alec Medlin, Jacob Morris, David Mulligan, Karen Pan, Maxwell Qian, Krishikesh Saraiya, Nabeel Tausif, and  Kevin Wisniewski.

AP Scholar with Honor Award: Katrina Arndt, Madison Brixey, Mitali Dalwalla, Michael Detzel, Meghan Hanley, Katherine Klein, Rachel Lambdin, Kayla McLean, Christina Regan, Cassandra Scouten, Kayla Thielen, and Brenden Winner.

AP Scholar Award: Luke Achinger, Andrea Almeida-Rodriguez, Jacob Bartlett, Teagan Benedict, Samantha Brady, Parker Cellura, Erin Chambers, Lily Conway, Sara Coy, Maizy Crandall, Lauren David, Justice Deleon, Rosalie Donofrio, Hannah Dorris, Aaron Federman, Grace Figliomeni, Jared Freeman, Samuel Goecke, Brittany Harder, Libbey Jaeblon, Noah Jockett, Osama Khrawesh, Ashley Knight, Kayla Kucway, Joshua Losie, Josiah Luke, Morgan Lutz, Alex Miller, Isabella Murra, Natalie Olrich, Mia Restivo, Charles Richmond, Taylor Rosplohowski, Scott Ross, Cooper Sadowski, Feross Sarsour, Avery Siegel, Joseph Sohasky, Shelby Williams, John Young, Alexander Zuchowski .

Research consistently shows that AP students who score a 3 or higher on AP Exams typically experience greater academic success in college and have higher college graduation rates than students who do not participate in AP. Congratulations to all of Northview’s AP Scholar Awards recipients!

Ms. Liu helped her Chinese II students review their colors by playing a review game that had them scrambling to touch an object in the room of the same color that she stated aloud in Mandarin.



The AP Capstone program has officially kicked off, as Ms. Nelson’s students can be seen here presenting material to the class.  AP Capstone, which consists of two new AP courses that students will take consecutively in either their sophomore and junior or junior and senior years, gives students an opportunity to earn AP credit while they both learn to conduct collegiate level academic research, and have the opportunity to dig deep into an academic topic of their choosing.


Mr. Keller use a pen ink shaft and its plastic holder to help his Anatomy students understand the how vertebrae come together to form the vertebral cavity, which houses the spinal cord.


Wait, did everyone survive the eclipse!?  Yes, in fact, many of our teachers used it as a learning opportunity.  Many students constructed tools to allow them to view the eclipse safely, as you can see below.


We have a first in Northview history.  Actually, we have a second and a third too!  Mr. Davis and Mrs. Thiel both had students qualify for the National Choir and National Orchestra.  Congratulations to Elizabeth Atkins (choir), Adam Murphy (orchestra) and Nora Kaushy Gera (orchestra) on being the first Northview students to ever garner this distinction!


New Science teacher, Ms. Amanda O’Shea has her students thinking on another plane, as they used their thinking caps to map the inside of an opaque box.


If you think back to high school and college, many professors and teachers, this principal included, used the first day to discuss expectations and ground rules with students.  As we all experiences, this can be a long day of reading through syllabi.  Several Northview teachers are choosing instead to invest time at the beginning of the year to get to know their students, and to help them get to know each other.  Below, you can see websites that Mr. Word’s Computer Science students created in class that explain who they are.  Students then took time to move around the room and read up on one another.

Mrs. Poiry’s Family & Consumer Science students shared similar personal information with her and each other to start the year.


Senior parents came to Open House early to learn about the college application process, which will be a major focal point this fall semester.

Speaking of Open House, it was made WAY better by the Harmony Road Show, which wandered about the building, filling the halls and classrooms with their angelic sounds.


The Northview Band alumni and their parents hosted the annual picnic on the hill for our current musicians and their families, giving them a quality night together, and our Marching Band an opportunity to rehearse their entire Friday night show in front of a big audience.


The Northview Boys Golf Team had a good week, starting off by competing against some of the best teams in Ohio at Inverness, and finishing up by defeating the SV Cougars by 11 strokes on the Southview home course…

​​Mark Spieldenner earns a green in regulation with his approach shot here against the Cougars…


Adam Czerniakowski tees off down the middle here…​


Here, you can see Seniors Andy Riggs and Jack Kunkel stick their approach shots on hole #6.  Jack then putts in for birdie.  Jack and Andy led the way against the Cougars with a 33 and 34, respectively.





The LadyKats Tennis Team took on Whitmer this week, and brought home the victory.  Here, you can see the duo of Lauren Loss and Claire Irwin proving 1.) they can play some nifty tennis, and 2.) Claire is a better athlete than her dad.





The Lady Kats Golf Team is off to a great start, including a 4-0 start in the NLL, a 1st place finish in the Defiance Invitational, a 2nd place finish in the Sylvania Invitational, and a win over the SV Cougars this week, with shots like this one from Kiki Confer…


The LadyKats Cross Country Team won the South Lyon (MI) Varsity and JV races this weekend in their opening action.  Way to go Kats!



The Northview Volleyball Team is dealing with some injuries, but competing and battling.  Here you can see a few highlights of them in action against Findlay and Oregon Clay, with McKenna Hall and Hannah Frame earning points for the LadyKats…





The Northview Boys Soccer Team took on the Pacesetter Coaches recently, helping to raise money in honor of Joe Rychnovsky, the late local sportscaster.  The money raised will be donated towards a scholarship for a local senior.  The Wildcats lost to the nation’s top ranked soccer team, St. Ignatius, 3-2 last week.  They aim to get back in the win column with games at home versus Perrysburg on Tuesday, and St. Francis on Thursday.  Good luck lads!


The Northview Football Team started their season on road on Friday night, and came away 1-0, defeating Waite.  Here are the BCSN highlights…

…if you missed the BCSN season preview for the Cats, here it is…

The Wildcats have their home opener this Friday night against the Clay Eagles.  See you there!


Fifty plus juniors spent one of their final days of summer vacation at the Leadership Academy Junior Retreat, where they spent time taking an in depth look at concepts relating to teamwork, interpersonal communication, and the power of positive leadership.




…any students wishing to join the Leadership Academy for the 2017-18 school year are invited to join us for our opening meetings this week (seniors, juniors Monday; freshmen, sophomores Wednesday).


Finally, our alumni are always welcome to come home to Northview.  Recently, the Class of 1967 returned for their 50th reunion, and several groups laced up their shoes to play in alumni games against current varsity teams, including the Boys Soccer Team…



The rest of your life starts tomorrow…


Welcoming freshman locker signs have been prepared by our LINK Leaders in anticipation of the first day of high school for our brand new group of freshmen.  You won’t believe this as you read it, but four years from now you will agree that it went by in a blur.  Enjoy the journey Class of 2021.  We can’t wait to meet you!  #GoCats