Forensic Science students weigh eyewitness testimony against physical evidence


Mrs. Ireland’s Forensics students learned about the credibility of eyewitness testimony last week.  One student from each group stepped into the hall while their remaining lab group members were shown a picture for 15 seconds.  The person that didn’t see the picture had to ask questions of their eyewitnesses to reconstruct the scene, and they compared all groups’ reconstructions for discrepancies. Students were also asked questions about what they saw the following day.

They followed up with a Ted Talk video from Scott Fraser, a forensic neuropathologist, that studies how the brain works and how that knowledge can be applied to eyewitness testimony analysis.

The bottom line – they learned physical evidence is more reliable than eyewitness testimony!


Two birds, one assignment…


Ms. Davis’s Business Technology seniors are learning some of the finer points of using spreadsheets, and researching colleges and universities along the way.  Students researched dozens of important data points for institutions of higher learning to which they are considering applying this fall.  

Defend your answer.


Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Barber challenged their freshmen today to not just answer, but to explain how they came to their conclusion.  The process is of equal value to the solution.