Here and there at Northview High…


Mrs. Nelson’s freshmen scientists are processing data from their pendulum lab where they set a length and measured the responding time. They are making a model they will use to determine the length of the mystery pendulum when they can only measure the time.  They are using their Chromebooks and the Google platform to chart their data.


Ms. Diehl’s sophomore scientists are conducting an experiment that involves different solutions and their impact on potato saturation.


Mr. Malcolm’s Government students are learning about the early forms of government in the United States, and what forces led to the creation of our current system.  Students are able to access the materials for the lecture and question and answer session on their Chromebooks…

Mr. Malcolm is also using an on-line tool to allow students to communicate their thoughts on questions he poses in class.  Having everyone respond ensures that all students are taking ownership of the material.


Mr. Lucius is also having students use their Chromebooks in class to measure student mastery.  This week, students were using the Kahoot website to answer questions about material they had recently learned.


Ms. Stefango’s AP English students are already preparing for the AP test in May by taking a practice test, which will give her some baseline data on where her students stand with their ability to demonstrate key skills measured on the real assessment in May.


Several of Mrs. Thiel’s orchestra musicians had the opportunity last weekend to perform with the BGSU Philharmonia after a day at the College of Musical Arts.  Mrs. Thiel is thrilled with the talent level and work ethic of the Chamber Orchestra.


The Boys Cross Country Team continues to improve, this weekend landing four runners in the 16s.  We wish them the best of luck as they continue to prepare to be at their best at the end of the season.


Mrs. Seal-Roth’s artists competed in the 2018 Black Swamp Chalk Walk, and brought home 1st place!  Congratulations to Lindsey, Brookelyn, Dom, and Courtney.  Check out the announcement via live Facebook video.

Our Wildcats are already out in the community, donating their time and talent for the benefit of others.


Friday’s STUCO assembly gave our students a chance to blow off a little steam, and to receive their BCSN Student Section of the Week belt.  Check out our Football Team leading the entire school in a John Denver song, karaoke style here.

The Cats battled, but did not win their game on Friday night…

The Marching Band performs three different shows each football season.  This past Friday was the 2nd time performing songs that remind us of summer fun.  Check out the show in the below video.


Friday night was even more fun because Northview welcomes dozens of Mini-Majorettes, many of whom donned the Black and Gold for the first time.


Our Boys Soccer Team was slated for a big showdown with St. John’s Jesuit, as both teams were ranked in the top ten in the state of Ohio…

Unfortunately, lightning shortened the match.  The Wildcats and Titans will resume the contest, tied at 0-0, with 13:13 to go in the first half on Saturday, October 6th.


Our parent volunteers are back at it, helping to properly outfit our orchestras.  Parents willing to enhance our many, many programs make the Northview experience what it is.


Our Sophomore Class Government advertised their ongoing shoe drive by going shoeless last Friday.  Their marketing technique worked, as students and teachers alike were asking why some hooligans were walking about with no shoes.  If you have gently worn shoes to donate, please bring them to the main lobby at Northview, where our sophomores have placed a donation box.


Senior Visionaries were delivered over the past couple weeks, giving members of our Leadership Academy a chance to both practice public speaking and articulate what they want to see happen in the future, be it with their senior year, or beyond.  Hearing what these Seniors have planned leads me to believe we are in for a good year at Northview.


Mr. Blakeman’s AP United States History students are taking on one of the more challenging pieces of the AP test: the document based question (DBQ).  He is working with them early in the year to ensure they are ready to nail this piece of the test in May.  This DBQ centered on the War of 1812.

Also seen in Mr. Blakeman’s classroom this week were visuals, including memes illustrated to emphasize major issues from early American life.


This week at Northview…


In Mrs. Schloegl’s sophomore English class, students presented character analysis from Orwell’s 1984. They shared both their thoughts on the characters themselves, and analysis on why Orwell included the character and presented them the way he did.

Mrs. Cafferty’s Medical Technologies students played with fire this week, literally.  Part of their certification relates to fire safety in the workplace.

Mr. Davis’s A Cappella Choir students are setting the foundation for future pieces by solidifying the fundamentals.

Our FTC Robotics teams are hard at work, getting ready for the upcoming season.

More than 200 Northview Juniors sacrificed sleeping in during the 2 Hour Delay yesterday to begin to prepare for the ACT.  Mrs. Joan Sadowski helped them cover the bullet-pointed items below.

The Girls Golf Team, which has had a tough season due to injuries to top golfers, competed in the NLL Championships this week.  Lexi Knight, who can be seen below ripping a drive much further than her principal is capable of, was named the NLL Player of the Year.  She was also featured as the Toledo Blade Spotlight Athlete of the Week, which you can read about here.

The Boys Golf Team won the NLL League Championship on Monday, defeating Perrysburg on the 5th scorecard after a tie for total score.  This youthful squad replaced a loaded Senior Class of 2018 with depth and clutch play.  Congratulations men!

Mrs. Thiel’s top orchestra students are staying after the final bell to work on more complicated pieces.

Several students will be helping our freshmen Health classes learn about life issues through Teen Pep, which they were trained for this week.

Mr. Word’s computer science students are busy designing their own games.  This one involves creating a Pong-like game where players move end pieces to keep a white ball bouncing back and forth to the best of their ability.

If you stop in Mr. Keller’s classroom, you might catch him daydreaming.  His students have made a habit of sending him postcards from their vacation destinations.  The resulting bulletin board spread is inviting.

His current Anatomy students, on the other hand, are busy learning the language of medicine.

The Girls Tennis Team had a nice weekend, finishing 2nd at the Michael’s Doubles Tennis Tournament in Fremont.  Sophomore Jillian Turner and Senior Claire Irwin won the 2nd Doubles Tournament.  Way to go ladies!

If you were at the football game on Friday night, you saw a colorful display.  Both from the band (and their directors)…

…and the student section.  It started off nice and tidy…

…and then this happened…

The kids had a blast with their annual color cloud, sponsored and organized by Student Council.  The end result was that they were named the BSCN Student Section of the Week.

The Boys Soccer Team kicked off (pun intended) this week with a 5-0 victory over the Anthony Wayne Generals.  Check out the highlights below.

The Volleyball Team hung tough with Perrysburg, before falling in four games.

Wildcat Weekly, 9.12.18


Northview’s Global Education program aims to give students opportunities to experience the world beyond their textbooks and Chromebooks.  Many teachers have organized overseas trips to advance student cultural, historical, and language learning.  This summer, our growing Mandarin Chinese program branched out of the classroom and traveled to China.  As you can see, it looks like they had a blast!


The Girls Soccer Team had a solid week, defeating Springfield 3-0, and tying perennial power Notre Dame Academy (highlights here ) in a hard fought battle on Saturday.

Two weeks ago, weather could not put a damper on the LadyKats Soccer Team, as girls from several of the teams at the tournament in Indiana came together for an impromptu karaoke concert.


Our department chairs are hard at work, pouring over data from 2017-18, looking for opportunities for improvement in 2018-19.


The Boys Cross Country Team competed over the weekend at one of the largest races in the country, the Tiffin Cross Country Carnival.



The World Language Club delighted their taste buds this week after school with crepes from Lyle’s food truck.


The library on Silica and Monroe reopened this past Friday, and one of Mrs. Thiel’s orchestra quartets was there to perform in honor of the occasion.


English students in Mrs. Benard’s class are making lists with specifics for improvement in their writing.


If you wondered why your child was digging up soil from your yard this week, it could have been part of their experimentation in Ms. Bogue’s AP Environmental Science class.  Students tested their soil for various elements, which will help them evaluate its health.


Mrs. Blue’s iMedia students were learning to isolate an image from a larger landscape this week using Photoshop. [thorns not pictured]


Mrs. Werner charged her AP Biology students to figure out what a substance was.  With limited information, students used chemicals, background knowledge, and deductive reasoning to attempt to figure it out on their own.


Mrs. Seal-Roth’s young artists helped decorate for the Friday Night Red Bird Art Walk in downtown Sylvania with some sidewalk chalk.


The Northview Volleyball Team fell out of a tie for 1st place in the NLL standings last night after a close loss to SV in five sets.  The girls will look to rebound against Perrysburg on Thursday.


Just before the big volleyball game, our Project Unify Volleyball Team took the floor, and competed in front of an enthusiastic crowd.


Speaking of Project Unify, Northview Intervention Specialist Jessica Minard was selected as one of the 2018 Voya Unsung Heroes for her work to bring this inclusive program to our community!  Way to go Ms. Minard!


Our Boys Soccer Team tied Medina 1-1 over the weekend.

They followed that up with a victory over Southview on the road last night, by a score of 4-1.  Check out the video highlights below.


Lexi Knight captured the NWOGGL Championship for the fourth straight year last week.  Way to go Lex!


On Friday night, under the lights, the Wildcat Football Team defeated Bowsher.  Check out the video highlights below.

The Cats are home this week, and are preparing to take on Maumee.  Check out the BCSN preview of the game below.


Before Friday night’s game, Northview Student Council will be hosting their annual Color Cloud event.  As a parent, here’s what you need to know:

  1. It is messy.  Be ready to do laundry.
  2. If you sit near the student section during the game, you will be blanketed by the occasional puff that rises from the student section when they jump around with each score.
  3. We’re sorry.  They’re only young once?
  4. For highlight footage from last year’s Color Cloud, click here.


Our final update is from the Northern Lakes League Sportsmanship Workshop.  Students from all eight NLL schools came together last week to define their expectations for sportsmanship from each other, their coaches, and family and friends in the stands.  This is the second annual workshop focusing on making the climate and culture in our gyms and in our stands better reflect our shared values.  Last year’s attendees at this workshop returned home to help inspire a message of appreciation for referees that was read over the speakers before the start of volleyball and basketball games.  This group of young leaders is working on their own ideas to continue to improve our culture.