What’s good, Northview? The 12.6.18 Wildcat Weekly…


A couple weeks ago, we shared a couple highlights from the Band’s trip to Chicago.  Here are some more from a different perspective: the kids’…

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Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Barber’s freshmen scientists are learning to balance equations using candy and a Clevertouch screen, which gives teachers a platform to integrate live video of what they are doing at their stations so students can see them model work.  They can also freeze the screen and highlight key points.  You can see both in action in the videos below.

Ms. Janecko’s freshmen scientists are learning about genes and DNA.  This week, they flipped coins to determine the traits of a hypothetical offspring, coming to better understand dominant and recessive traits.

You know the holiday season is in full gear when the Jazz Cats and Jazz Band’s December concert rolls around.  Here a few numbers from our jazz musicians, and our North Covers electric orchestra.

The LadyKats Basketball team is off to a positive start, earning victories over Anthony Wayne and Clay.  They also dropped a close one to Perrysburg on the road.  Check out the highlights below…

The Boys Basketball Team has also started hot, defeating Woodward and Clay to start the season…

The Northview Wrestling Team had a good showing at the Jim Derr Invitational in Northwood last weekend, bringing home several pieces of hardware.  Check out the BCSN highlights of Conner Liber below.

Teen Pep spent time in our freshmen Health classes recently, educating them on the specifics of bullying and what they can do about it…

Our December Leadership Lunch took place yesterday, as we welcomed home Janelle Noe, 2013 Alumna.  She brought her Head Track and Cross Country Coach, Linh Nguyen with her.  Janelle shared with students that having the courage to persevere is important.  Her journey took a turn after her junior year in high school when a college coach told her she was not good enough at distance running to earn a scholarship.  She used that rejection to fuel her training heading into her senior year, when she won the NLL, District, and Regional Championships in Cross Country, and went on to finish second in the State Championship race.  She now had her scholarship offer for distance running.  In fact, she improved so much that she could have gone to almost any college or university in the country.  She chose to stay home at the University of Toledo.  After a couple years of running at UT, she suffered severe burns over good portions of her body, and, again, she was faced with questions about her career.  Laid up for months, it looked like her window of opportunity was closing.  Slowly, she worked her way back, training to run competitively again, and she surprised herself with her times here and there, and she was beginning to show glimpses of her former self.  Her season culminated with UT and MAC records, and with a spot in the NCAA Championships.  She was invited to run with U.S.A. Track and Field, and now has offers to run professionally after college.  Two key incidents could have given her excuses to shut it down and move on with her life: the initial scholarship rejection, and her burn incident.  Instead, after climbing these mountains, she used the momentum she gained racing down the other side to change her life for the better.  Coach Nguyen shared with students the progression of his understanding of leadership, from his experience as a team captain in high school and college, to now working to develop leadership characteristics in his assistant coaches and student-athletes.  He was honest with students about his misperceptions when he was young, and the consequences he faced because he thought leadership was something it was not.  Today, he serves, and thus leads, and as a result, is much more successful.  A BIG thank you to Janelle and Linh for sharing your journies and wisdom with our young people!  We will be rooting for the Rockets this track season!


Mrs. Kwiatkowski, and many of our teachers, are taking the time to prepare students for the ACT by, on occasion, starting class with a practice question.  She has students then organize their practice questions in a binder for future reference.

Honors Algebra II students followed up their ACT bell ringer activity with group work on solving polynomial equations, as they continue to prepare for their semester examinations.

Mrs. Langendonk teaches math, but she taught writing this week t her math students.  One of our building goals this year is to focus on improving our students’ writing skills.  Our teachers are using a writing strategy consistently across subject areas to help students grow.  Here, Mrs. Langendonk’s students are creating a graphic organizer to plan to write a paragraph, articulating their understanding of the math they are currently studying.

Mrs. Donnelly’s freshmen Health students used cereal boxes to display their research on various issues people face, including sleep deprivation.

We have a new student organization this year, the Respect Club.  They are currently promoting a national campaign to encourage people to not use the r-word…

Our N-Compass Club took the time to author and send letters of support to members of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, who recently dealt with a hate-based shooting in their temple.

Senior Ryal Bules was recognized by the Sylvania Chamber of Commerce as their December Student of the Month this week.  Mrs. Rhine shared with the Chamber, “Ryan Bules is the sort of student who elevates the class and the other students within it. Ryan is charismatic, easy going, and very kind. He has a sense of groundedness and humor about him that make interactions with both peers and adults relaxed and engaging. Ryan is not boastful or rude but a genuinely good person who demonstrates sincerity and leadership in his everyday life. I think of it as a privilege to teach such decent human beings like Ryan, it’s students like him who make my job so enjoyable.”

Mr. Keller’s Anatomy students are learning about what the various holes in the skull are, and what purposes they serve.  They compared animal and human skulls are part of their research.

Our FIRST Robotics Teams competed in the regional tournament in Austintown, Ohio, and earned several awards.  The Party Pandas won the Rockwell Innovation Award for the exceptional CAD designing of their robot.  Next Nova won the Connections Award and 2nd place in the Inspire Award category, which advances them to the state competition in February. 

Senior Lauren Smith spent time in Florida recently, performing with the All-National Honor Ensemble.  A big congratulations to Lauren on being recognized as one of the best high school vocal performers in the United States.

Finally, Northview is proud to welcome several new members into our chapter of the National Honor Society!  Way to go Cats!

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