This week at Sylvania Northview High School…


Monday, our Seniors had an eye opening experience, as teachers, dozens of our parents, and community partners from CCU and Yark Automotive teamed up to facilitate Finances 101.  This program assigned each student an occupation, a family situation, and then sent them through the ups and downs that life brings to the bill payers of each household.  Students tracked their spending, with many being forced to make tough choices regarding wants when the needs burned up all of their cash.  We followed up by sharing a budget spreadsheet with each senior to keep and use in the future that will help them set a budget and track spending.



Mr. Sayre’s business students are learning to build formulas into their spreadsheets to help them calculate large amounts of data.


Ms. Diehl’s Biology students are learning about DNA by cutting, coloring, and categorizing the types of DNA that are compatible.


Mr. Keller challenged his Anatomy students to create a system for categorizing the bones found in a human body.


13abc came to Northview yesterday to report on our Sophomore class service project/fundraiser.  You can see the story here.


Ms. Davis’s Business students participated in mock interviews with local business leaders, and heard honest feedback from people who are in charge of hiring in the real world.


Mr. Kwiatkowski’s American History students are exploring the 1920s.  This week, they discussed life for black Americans in the post-slavery era.


Our counselors are meeting with all of our freshmen in small groups to talk about their transition to high school.  The feedback and opportunity nudge them in the right direction to have been great so far!


Mrs. Morgan’s students spent time this week working on identifying shapes and colors…


Ms. Janecko’s freshman scientists are learning the difference between conduction, convection, and radiation.  They designed containers, based on what they learned, that they believed would retain heat the best.


Northview Speech and Debate had a great weekend, finishing in 5th at the Findlay Tournament.  The Wildcats made ten trips to the podium for individual events, and Cecile Schreidah took a first place win in Original Oratory, beating the 2017 national champion!



If you missed Mamma Mia!, well, you missed it!  The acting, the voices, the dancing, the live music, the set, the special effects…it was magnificent!  Bravo cast, crew, pit, and directors!


The Northview Marching Band is packing up, and gearing up for their trip to Chicago on Friday.  Our musicians will march and perform in the Magnificent Mile Parade on Saturday night.  We wish you safe travels, everyone!

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