The week that was at Northview…


Students were welcomed to school and to individual classes in a variety of ways this week, with many of those focused on building relationships that will help lead to success on the journey ahead.  The Class of 2022 was welcomed by our upperclassmen who serve as LINK Leaders, and our Counselors on Monday.

The LINK Leaders also decorated many freshmen lockers…

So did our Orchestra leaders…

…and Coach Sayre.

Our parents, too, are helping to welcome our kids back.

…as is Student Council.

Many teachers welcomed their students in unique ways.  Here, you can see new Spanish teacher Mrs. Whitlow’s students introducing themselves to one another in Spanish.

Madame Liske’s AP French students used the knowledge they gained from their summer assignment to unlock a box that welcomed them back to her class with treats.

Finally, Mr. Creech broke the ice with his 3D Art students by putting on a contest to see who could build the tallest tower that met certain requirements relating to artistic principles.

Mr. Sayre kicked off his Introduction to Business class with a water taste testing.  Students blindly sampled three kinds of bottled water, including Kroger brand, smart water, and Fiji water.  The consensus among the students was that the store brand tasted as good as the costly Fiji water.  Mr. Sayre used the results to introduce the basics of marketing and other business concepts.

Two of our special spaces opened this week.  The Learning Center (TLC), located in A4, was revamped to give room for both mathematics tutoring and general extra help.  All students are able to use their free time throughout the day, be it their study hall or lunchtime, to access free tutoring in the TLC.

The other space opening this semester is the Think Tank.  This maker space is equipped with a 3D printer, a high powered Mac with all of the design software you could want, a green screen, virtual reality goggles for field trips, movable whiteboards and even tables with whiteboard tops.  In the coming months, we will be adding more equipment at the request of teachers and students that will allow students to tinker, explore, and collaborate on bigger projects and problems.

Ms. Diehl is helping her students get into the right frame of mind by helping to rephrase their thoughts about the challenges they face in a positive, can-do way.

Teachers are thinking about how to help students stay focused on their studies by inventing ways to wrangle cell phones during classtime.

Beyond the books, the LadyKats Golf Team defeated the Southview Cougars yesterday, in part, thanks to this birdie put from Senior Lexi Knight.

The Northview Band performed for family and friends at their annual concert on the hill.

Members of the cast from Little Women were in attendance as well to perform and help advertise for their upcoming show.

Junior Lauren Loss and Senior Claire Irwin finished second at the Ottawa Hills Doubles Tournament last weekend, with victories over Anthony Wayne and Southview, before falling to host Ottawa Hills.

The Northview Boys Soccer Team hosted the Pacesetter coaches in a charity match benefitting ChadTough, an organization tied to former Michigan Football Coach Lloyd Carr, whose grandson Chad passed away after a battle with pediatric brain tumors.  Honored at the match was Colt Delverne, nephew of our boys’ head coach, Mark Delverne.  Colt has been fighting bravely, as he, too, is dealing with tumors.  For a complete story on the game and the organization, click here.

The LadyKats Volleyball Team brought home a victory from the road, as they defeated the TRAC’s Findlay this week.

Finally, Mr. Jeremy Davis, Northview Choral Director, was honored as Sylvania Schools’ Teacher of the Year at our opening district meeting late last week.  If you have been around the Northview Family for a few years, you know what Jeremy’s energy and passion have done for his program, and beyond.  He has grown his program immensely, enhanced our theatre program, and helped our faculty connect, both with one another and with the community.  We are fortunate to call him a Wildcat.

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