A few updates from the week that was at Northview…


The last month of the school year is a blur.  Here are a few photos and videos captured of the fleeting moments left in the 2017-18 school year…

Members of the Class of 2018 who maintained a high standard of academic excellence were honored at the 31st annual Senior Academic Honors Banquet this week.  2013 alumna Stephanie Duwve returned to share words of wisdom with our next group of soon to be graduates.  Students graduating with honors received their medals, which will be worn at graduation.  A big thank you to the Northview Parent Organization for sponsoring the event, and to Mrs. Nowak and her committee for planning and hosting the event.

Two of our robotics teams were invited to participate in an international competition at the Cobo Center in Detroit.  Robots designed and programmed by students competed to complete complex tasks in a dynamic environment.  In the video below, you can see robots pre-programmed to move around the pit, pick up objects, and tip the scales in their favor.  After a pre-set autonomous period, students were able to take control of the vehicles and compete to see how many points they could accrue before the time expired.  The participants finished the weekend at Ford Field, filling the gigantic stadium with young people learning STEM related skills and concepts, in addition to the soft skills required for success in the 21st century.  If your student has not found a landing spot beyond the books at Northview, tell him or her to see Mrs. Burnworth to get involved in this amazing program.

Our Boys Lacrosse Team knocked off Marysville this weekend.  Best of luck to them as they attempt to sweep the season series with Southview on Thursday!  Come out and support them against the Cougars, and also on Senior Night Tuesday against Bowling Green.


Our Girls Lacrosse Team beat Southview again this week by a score of 7-3…

The Baseball Team defeated Clay behind a strong pitching performance from Senior Dylan Bush…

Our Choirs headed off to the State Contest this week, where they earned the highest possible rating in the highest competitive category, which means they earned their spot as one of the very best choirs in the state of Ohio.  Job well done Mr. Davis and students!  You can see on of their final rehearsals on Thursday before they competed at states below.

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