AP Computer Science students creating savings computation website


Mr. Word’s AP Computer Science students are writing code this week that will create a savings calculator website, which will allow someone to figure out how much they need to save each month to meet a goal.  Computer Science is a new program offering at Northview this year, and includes AP Computer Science Principles.  NPR recently wrote an article explaining the background on the recent addition of this AP course from College Board, which you can read below.

History Behind College Board’s New AP Computer Science Course Outlined.
NPR’s (7/31) “NPR Ed” reports that last fall, the College Board introduced a new Advanced Placement course and exam, Computer Science Principles. The course resulted from eight years of planning and was “designed to appeal to people who might have assumed that computers were not for them.” On the latter point, NPR says, it appears to be working. In the 2016-17 school year, “the number of underrepresented minorities who took an AP Computer Science exam nearly tripled, from 8,283 to 22,199,” and the number of girls increased from 12,642 to 29,708. The nonprofit Code.org has assumed “a leadership role in the rollout of AP CSP,” and is one of eight authorized course providers. Last year, Code.org trained 500 teachers, and expects to train another 900 this year. The National Science Foundation, the University of California, Berkeley’s Beauty and Joy of Computing course, and Harvard University’s popular CS50 course provided authorized materials to the AP curriculum.

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