Join and NV FTC robotics team to go a mile deep into STEM, teamwork, leadership development


We are in the midst of accepting applications for new members for our FIRST Tech Challenge robotics teams.  Our season technically doesn’t kick off until September, but we are going to be doing several workshops and projects over the summer so we need to recruit our team now.

Some things that we are working on are Go-Baby-Go initiative where the robotics teams will modify and adapt toy cars for kids with mobility issues.  This will allow them to apply what they’ve learned about engineering and give back to their community.  They are going to work with Rehab Dynamics and Promedica via one of our coaches that is an Oncologist.

A group of five members will be heading to Washington D.C. for a leadership conference to advocate for STEM education and meet with Congressional leaders in June.

Attached is an application for all Northview students.  We would love to have three teams next year participating.

2017-2018 FTC Robot Application

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