Information for students and parents regarding our building closure today, 3/9/17


Here is some additional information for Northview students and parents in regards to our building closure today due to a power outage:

  • Teachers have the flexibility to use Monday to finish up 3rd Quarter activities (tests, student presentations, etc.).
  • The building will be open from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. for students who need to access lockers, classrooms, etc.  Please plan to enter through the main entrance in the front of the building.  The connecting roads have been cleared of downed power lines and are safe to use to get to the building.
  • Travel students who take classes at Southview and typically transport themselves are welcome to attend those classes, but are not required to today.
  • Students with internships and shadowing experiences at hospitals, engineering firms, financial firms, etcetera, and typically transport themselves are welcome to do that today.  Individual teachers will communicate with their own students about their expectations.
  • After school activities today could resume today if the power is restored.  If that happens, we will announce that those activities are on around the Noon hour.  If you don’t hear anything, those activities are cancelled.

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