Mr. Malcolm’s Freshmen AP World History students take on National History Day, several qualify for States



Last week brought the National History Day District competition, which was held at the BGSU Student Union.  Six freshmen in Mr. Malcolm’s AP World History class competed and three of their projects are going on to states!  Here is some information on the kids and their projects.  If possible, you can follow the links to see their work. 

  • Cecile Schreidah – Individual Performance – Lucy Stone: A Leading Women’s Rights Activist
  • Liz Mertens – Individual Documentary – Taking a Stand Against a Cultural Norm:  Candy Lightner vs Drunk Driving
  • Rachel Avina and Avinash Singh – Group Documentary – The Great Indian Rebellion of 1857
  • Daniel Klein – Individual Exhibit – Mohammad Mossadegh: Standing up to Western Imperialism
  • Ananya Kodali – Individual Exhibit – Yuri Gagarin: First Man in Space

The competition was fierce this year!  They introduced a second round of judging with different judges for several of the categories.  Students had to present their project and then answer judges’ questions for five to ten minutes.  The judges are often college professors and graduate students, who may be experts in the field the students are presenting.  So, this can be very intimidating for our high school freshmen!  Mr. Malcolm is proud to report that all of our students did a fantastic job, and were able to show a depth of knowledge about their topics that impressed all of the judges.

Cecile, Rachel, Avi, and Daniel are all moving on to represent Northview and Northwest Ohio at the state competition which will be held at the end of April.  While most of the categories at districts select several qualifying projects, it is worth noting that Cecile is the ONLY Individual Performance going to states from all of Northwest Ohio.  This is a great honor for her. 

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