Northview High School accepted into AP Capstone Program for 2017-18 school year


Over the past two school years, Honors STEM Research has given our students a chance to learn how to conduct college-level academic research, and to invest class time each day working on their own research projects.  Students then submit their research into regional and national contests, competing for prizes and scholarships.  AP Capstone, College Board’s new program aimed at teaching students to dig deeper to better understand a topic in depth, will replace Honors STEM Research in 2017-18.  Capstone includes two AP classes, AP Seminar and AP Research, which students can take in the tenth through twelfth grades.  These classes, as you can see below, teach students to conduct research and gives them a platform on which to explain their findings through writing and presenting.  When they complete these course requirements, and score a 3 or higher on any four additional AP courses that we already offer, students will earn an elevated AP Capstone Diploma.  The addition of AP Seminar and AP Research will now bring our total number of approved AP courses taught by highly qualified instructors to 21.



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