@BBlakemanBrian ‘s 9th Gr Honors World Studies students learning to write argumentative essays using historical documents


Mr. Blakeman’s Honors World Studies students are laying the foundation for writing an essay that takes a strong stance, and incorporates historical documents as evidence to prove their points, which will help many of them as they matriculate to AP United States History next year.  Today, Mr. Blakeman chose to have students rate thesis statements he posted on the SMARTBoard using a system similar to the one that Jim Tressel described when he visited that his coaching staff employed to rate player performance in practices. Students, most of whom had heard Tressel’s explanation, were able to use the ranking system to categorize example thesis statements into levels of effectiveness. They then worked in small groups to author their own thesis statements, and to begin to organize evidence from historical documents and their own knowledge to create arguments to support their opinions about the effects of the Industrial Revolution. 

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