Rosters have been announced for Team @ARothNV vs. Team @PerryLefevre Game. On.


Let the unsportsmanlike smack-talking begin (ESPN is reporting that Mr. Heath has requested a tee, and that Mr. Davis will be allowed four strikes for each plate appearance).


Team Lefevre (BLACK)

Ms. Helena Darah

Ms. Andrea Davis

Mr. Jeremy Davis

Ms. Meredith Diehl

Mrs. Tracy Donnelly

Mrs. Jeannie Donovan (Denise)

Mr. Dan Dubiel

Mr. John Eckhart

Mr. Nathan Heath

Ms. Sarah Huey

Mrs. Deanna McAlees

WTVG’s Joe Nugent

Sylvania Board of Education’s Jim Nusbaum

Mr. Pat Sayre

Mrs. Whitney Schlagetter

WTOL’s Chris Vickers


Team Roth (GOLD)

Officer Phil Gallup

Mrs. Cathy Haisman

Mrs. Chris Jude

Mrs. Amy Langendonk

Mrs. Liz Laubender

Ms. Jessie Minard

Mr. Ryan Reed

WTOL’s Dane Sanzenbacher

Mrs. Terri Seal-Roth

WTOL’s Jordan Strack

Mr. Steve Swaggerty

Mrs. Jill Urbaniak

Mr. Don Wachowiak

Mrs. Stacy Wachowiak

Mr. John Word

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