Over 50 Medical Technologies students qualify to state competition


Way to go Med Tech students!

Photo credits to Mrs. Johnson.

The following HOSA students who competed 2/5/16 at the University of Toledo HOSA Regional Competition and have qualified to compete on April 5th/6th at the State Level are:

Bashaier Ambon ,Erin Boyle, Samantha Nolan, Taishwan Redmond, HOSA Bowl, 5th place
Jessie Walkovich, Miranda Confer, CPR/First Aid, 1st place
Madi Hornyak, Libby Sadowski, Public Service Announcement, 5th place
Isabella Murra, Dental Terminology, 5th place
James Stammen, Health Lifestyles, 5th place
Micah Powazki, Physical Therapy, 4th place
Nicholas Spino, Epidemiology, 4th place
Emalee Vanco, Hannah Kallil, Forensic Medicine, 4th place
Brooke Lucarelli, Sports Medicine, 4th place
Rami Ababneh, Public Service Announcement, 3rd place
John Bernsdorff, Healthy Lifestyles, 3 rd place
Diana Chiem, Medical Terminology, 3rd place
Catherine Geer, Mikayla Simpson, Public Service Announcement, 3rd place
Nicole George, Clinical Nursing, 3rd place
James Dickey, Knowledge Test: Human Growth & Development, 2nd place
Samantha Comperchio, Aleah Ramirez, Public Health, 2nd place
Anna Yockey, Knowledge Tests: Medical Law and Ethics, 2nd place
Chloe Simone, Knowledge Tests: Nutrition, 2nd place
Megan Lucas: Clinical Speciality, 2nd place
Emilyrose Galenski: Knowledge Tests: Pathophysiology
Soren Genot, Kyle Moebius, Forensic Medicine, 2nd place
Stephanie Matuszak: Epidemiology, 2nd place
Lindsay Archibeque, Kylee Keene: Health Career Display, 1st place
Rawnag, El SHeikh Idris: Medical Math, 1st place
Buse Kahyaoglu: Job Seeking Skills, 1st place
Chandler Ortman, Dani Peterson: Medical Innovation, 1st place
Brennan Roop: Clinical Speciality, 1st place

Christian Bohlke, Alexander Davenport,Brock Donnelly, Brandon Moody: HOSA Bowl, 4th place
Breanna Aliemenious, Hallie Tumasian, Community Awareness, 4th place
Haily Bies, Victoria Gryca: Health Education, 2nd place
Hunter Fritz, Veterinary Science, 2nd place
Catherine Westphall, Extemporaneous Writing, 2nd place
Corey Anderson, Medical Terminology, 1st place

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