NV students challenged: sign No Labels Pledge in honor of #BlackHistoryMonth


Several of our students stepped forward last month, wanting to do something to help Northview create an even better climate and culture, and to honor Black History Month.  Mr. Chet Trail visited with our students, and shared his experience with our students as a professional baseball player in the south shortly after the Civil Rights legislation was passed in the 1960s.  He gave specifics on hearing the “N” word, and shared his displeasure for hearing young people today using it towards one another.  Our students took his idea of not using derogatory terms, and expanded it to promoting a No Labels campaign.  They created this video, challenging themselves and their peers to not use labels associated with race, ethnicity, economic status, sexual orientation, gender identification, social status, and more.  Northview students are being challenged to take the pledge, and sign their names to a pledge sheet on the main bulletin board in A Hall.  Kudos to these kids for taking baby steps towards a better environment for current and future Wildcats.  #RespectForAll  #BuildingAConnectedCommunity


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