@NVLeaders – Want to advance in this world? Be the best there is with the responsibility you have today.


Johns Hopkins University’s Assistant Director of Athletics and Senior Women’s Administrator Kelsie Gory spoke with our students this week about her path from Southview High School to working with student-athletes at the collegiate level, including one of the premier college lacrosse teams.  Ms. Gory encouraged students to force themselves to meet new people. Networking and connections matter.  Also, be the best at the job you currently have.  Ms. Gory got her start as a freshman at Ohio State. She cold called the athletic department and volunteered to help with sports promotions.  They asked her to throw t-shirts into the sometimes scant and less than enthusiastic Field Hockey crowds, for free. She did it as enthusiastically as she could, and research how other schools were engaging fans. Her diligence, persistence, and positive attitude landed her an internship in the OSU athletic department, which led to an internship with the NCAA, which led her to her job at Johns Hopkins. At 25, Ms. Gory is one of the youngest collegiate administrators out there.  Thank you Kelsie for giving back to your hometown and our kids!  


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