We have to get better at this.


aaaTurning the Tide  Inspiring Concernaaa For Others And The Common Good Through College Admissions   Making Caring Common

We have a few kids doing a lot of service, but we need more kids doing a little bit of service.  Service helps us develop empathy.  Students who graduate from high school that have not developed a sense of empathy will have a more difficult road ahead of them.  Service helps us see a bigger picture.  The more our kids know about the world before they leave our protective environments, the easier time they will have finding a positive role they want to fulfill in it.  Click here to learn about how colleges are realizing this as well, and how they are striving to look for students in the admissions process who are making an effort to engage in their community.

Coaches and advisors: you can do your part by getting your group involved in #NVserves this year.  Do something in our community to give back to our neighbors who support our school at every turn.

Parents: Encourage your son or daughter to join Interact and serve their community with his or her peers.

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