Parents on the hamster wheel: keeping up with your kids & social media


Our November meeting for the Northview Parent Organization focused on keeping up with the ever changing world of social media that many of our young people are spending significant time in every day.  We discussed some of the current trends, and finished with tools that parents can use to stay current with the latest apps and websites.

NVPO President Julie Klein discussed the below specials that aired on CNN about what some teens are doing on social media.  Some of the content is rough, but given the gravity of the issue, I think sharing it is important.


Mr. Fahim, Assistant Principal for Student Services, and Mrs. Wachowiak, Counselor extraordinaire, presented the below resources for parents to help them keep up with the trends.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) hosts a website that covers several different aspects of online safety and is supported by several Federal Justice Programs:

The major cell phone carriers also include paid plans that allow parents to access and control different aspects and information of their child’s cell phone:

Verizon Family Base

AT&T Smart Limits

Sprint Mobile Controls

There are also paid software programs and services available to parents that can offer a deeper level of control and monitoring for their child’s cell phone:



A big thank you to Julie Klein and the NVPO, Mr. Fahim, and Mrs. Wachowiak for helping us take a look at the big picture of what is going on with our kids, and for giving us some tools that we can use to manage the risks.

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