@Will_Lucas challenges @NVHSWildcats @NVLeaders to not get left behind


Citing examples of numerous young people who have become billionaires, including Mark Zucherberg
Elon Musk, and the Snap Chat founders, Mr. Lucas says he believes that our world is changing, and that the Internet has leveled the playing field. “There are no gate keepers,” Mr. Lucas said. We have no one to ask permission of anymore before we change the world. He asked our students, if you took money out of the equation, what would you do? Mr. Lucas asked the kids what they are passionate about. He told them to not wait to begin to make their mark for when their formal education is over. He told our Leadership Academy students, “Start now.” He believes that education is becoming an entrepreneurial adventure, that we need to think about what we would want and how we can deliver it to others. He went on to say that the Internet is making the job market more competitive for our kids, as people who want a higher standard of living in other parts of the world can now compete with us for what we have. Mr. Lucas encouraged our kids to set themselves apart from other kids from around the world. He said one way to do that is to adopt the attitude of Silicon Valley: don’t listen to people who find reasons not to try something; we are smart enough to find a way to make it work. Finally, Mr. Lucas used Moore’s Law to help students look into the future. Our technological capabilities are growing so quickly that what we think of as revolutionary today will be obsolete within a few years. Those who find a way to take the initiative and get started on what we can’t do or don’t have yet will write the history books tomorrow.


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