Thank you to the @ProFootballHOF for inspiring our students to use adversity to their advantage #PFHOFadversity


Former Cleveland Browns running backs Ernest Byner and Jamel White, and Anthony Bagliano were part of a panel hosted by the Browns and the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton today. The discussion, in honor of Black History Month, centered on overcoming adversity.

Ernest Byner, who has two Super Bowl rings, said he is more often remembered for his famous fumble in the 1988 AFC Championship Game against Denver on the two yard line. Ernest recently authored a book, Everybody Fumbles, in which he says we should use the energy from a loss and mistakes to improve. He said if young people want to be successful, we need to realize that you’ve never arrived or achieved greatness. Each day, each moment needs to be used to try and improve.

Anthony, a young man who overcame a physical disability to kick for his high school and college football teams, poignantly stated, “If people are going to stare, I’m going to give them something positive to stare at.” He also commented that when you are fighting for something, you never lose. When things don’t go well, when you don’t win a game, if you learn from it, you don’t really lose.

Our Wildcats enjoyed their time with the folks from the Pro Football Hall of Fame, including Northview Alumnus Jason Rentner, who works in communications and marketing for the Hall of Fame. Jason says he loves the experience of getting to work with all time greats like Dan Marino on various projects.






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